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Four little miracles

(JNS) — Seven months ago, following years of aggressive cancer treatment for Hodgkin lymphoma, Ayelet Rosenberg, 35, gave birth to her fourth child, Yishai, making history as the first woman in the w...


Wander among the ancients at an Israeli world heritage site

(JNS) - Remnants of an ancient city, mysterious inscriptions, caves and catacombs, gorgeous scenery - all are to be found in Bet She'arim, one of Israel's most impressive UNESCO World Heritage Sites....


In PA-controlled Bethlehem, Christmas is no longer the celebration of yesteryear

(JNS)-On the afternoon of Christmas Eve, Manger Square in Bethlehem was filled with people, but local Christians were few and far between. The majority of those milling around in the sunshine... Full story


What's that huge white bridal dress floating over the Tower of David?

That's what visitors to Jerusalem's Old City asked last week. The wedding gown, created by leading Israeli artist Motti Mizrachi, is part of the second Jerusalem Biennale for Contemporary Jewish Art,... Full story

 By Judy Lash Balint    News    July 4, 2014

Two women who work to shift public opinion on Israeli sovereignty

Almost every day, Nadia Matar, 48, steers her battered white SUV along the hilly roads between Jerusalem and Gush Etzion to visit the soldiers stationed at Shdema. The revival of the small former... Full story


Where remembrance meets celebration

Hundreds of Israeli flags are in place; the Air Force has been rehearsing its formation fly-by routine for days; platforms and sound systems stand ready in the main squares in town; groups of... Full story


Passover-Israel style

JERUSALEM—Not every Israeli observes Passover, but every Israeli knows Passover is coming. Preparations for the seven-day holiday are impossible to ignore and encroach on almost every facet of life i... Full story


Taking Passover back to its roots

JERUSALEM—When most Israeli Jews sit down for the Passover seder on the night of March 25, the 14th of the Hebrew month of Nissan, they’ll wait for the kids to recite Mah Nishtana, the four que... Full story


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