Monthly music programs return in September


A few of Jewish Pavilion volunteers, from left: Jackie Levitt, Susan Lazarus, Emily Glickstein, Pat Rubenstein, Matthew Goldberg, Stewart Bloom and Sarah Goldberg.

All good things must come to end. Thankfully the monthly musicals at Horizon Bay Boston Avenue will return in September. What a wonderful “season” it had been with some of the most wonderful entertainers. Not only did the talent bring such joy to the residents on Sunday afternoons, but what made it more meaningful was that these artists showed such passion within their music.

Stewart Bloom, one of the entertainers as well as a monthly volunteer with his family, says, “My performance was heart-felt and I think our seniors knew.   We take our commitment to the Jewish Pavilion seriously. Our family feels it’s important to give back to the community.”

The Jewish Pavilion staff, as well as the entire community, really appreciate both the entertainers and the volunteers to make these monthly afternoons so successful, says a program organizer.

Dana Kaplan and Diane Hawkins concluded a musical year on May 19.

This past year Horizon Bay was entertained by Penny D’Agostino, Shelli Costa, Paul Stenzler, Brenda Moultie with Errol Richards, Vivian Garfein with Grif Moore, Armond Marchesano accompanied with his orchestra, the aforementioned Stewart Bloom, the JCC 39ers, Carol Stein and Dana Kaplan with Diane Hawkins. A huge thank you to the volunteers that attend every month; Jackie Levitt, Emily Glickstein, Stewart, Michelle and Andrew Bloom, Lee, Matthew and Sarah Goldberg, Sandy Vogin, Pat and Barry Rubenstein, Gloria Newberger, Susan Lazarus and Zakry Levitt. Horizon Bay has generously donated ice cream sundaes every month.

Plans are already being made for another great year starting in September, with hopes that many of this talent will return again.

The Jewish Pavilion is always looking for volunteers and great talent. Please call 407-678-9363 if you are interested in helping make a difference and have a great time.


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