Temple Israel summer camp refreshes students' skills


Students attending The Temple Israel Meitin Religious School summer camp’s Passport to Hebrew program will re-awaken their brains to Hebrew, as many geographical names are reverse transliteration – English written with Hebrew letters, just like the McDonald’s sign above.

The Meitin Religious School will hold a summer “camp” experience for students. Temple Israel has developed this unique program to help refresh the skills students learned before the summer break.

The camp will be a three-day “whirlwind multi-continent trip” with the Passport to Hebrew program featuring a virtual trip to a different continent each evening. Activities will include virtual geo-caching, geography, Jewish culture, music, art and food preparation (and eating) all to help bring Hebrew knowledge back to the surface.

Passport to Hebrew will meet Wednesday through Friday, Aug. 7, 8 and 9 from 4:30 to 7:30 p.m. The cost is $15 for each family (multiple children at no extra charge) for all three nights.

The Passport to Hebrew itinerary includes:

Aug. 7 – Asia with dinner in China

Aug.8 – Latin America with dinner in Mexico

Aug. 9 – Europe with a journey to Israel for dinner and to celebrate Shabbat together with family and friends.

While the program is designed for students returning to Hebrew study, children with little or no previous Hebrew instruction are welcome and will be assigned a personal “tour guide” to assist them in their travel.

For more information, visit Temple Israel’s website at http://www.tiflorida.org/events/passport-to-hebrew/ or contact Cathy Swerdlow at kehillaclc@tiflorida.org .


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