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New course 'OMG' for Jewish teens


Students who attended the "Is it Legit?" classes in the fall, learned in a fun, interesting way.

LAKE MARY-OMG! A Battle Between Faith and Logic will launch in select cities across the world this winter for Jewish teenagers, and is being offered at Chabad in Lake Mary. This course is specially engineered for the thinking youth who grapples with the seeming discrepancies between religion, philosophy, and science. OMG! is scheduled to launch on Feb. 5, 2014 at 7 p.m.

Are religion and belief in G-d outdated and irrelevant? OMG! will jump right into the heart of the debate between atheism and religious faith. Reminiscent of the infamous middle-age religious disputes, Jewish youth will have the opportunity to examine many long-standing questions such as: Are science and religion at odds with each other? Is there proof that G-d exists? How can all religions be right? Should we believe just because our parents and teachers tell us to?

Rabbi Yanky Majesky explains, "The point of OMG! is to make you think. Rather than tell students what to believe, this course will encourage students to examine and debate the issues. Judaism is not dogma. My goal is that students will walk away from the experience better prepared to develop a system of personal principles that will provide guidance and direction throughout life."

The course will bridge age-old Jewish wisdom with modern thinking. In addition to practicing the art of debate and logical reasoning, students are provided with a warm, safe, and friendly environment to meet others and socialize. Beverages and snacks are always provided. The class includes textual learning, group interaction, and cutting-edge multimedia presentations. 

Register today to reserve a spot in the course. OMG! Will be held at Chabad of North Orlando, 39 Skyline Drive in Lake Mary for six Wednesdays. Every class brings the lesson to life through games and videos so the teens are having fun while learning. The cost is $54 per student. However, no one is turned away due to lack of funds.


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