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By Ed Ziegler
Remember, Never Again 

Islamic enclaves in America


Many Islamic leaders have repeatedly stated loud and clear that Islam will dominate the world. To achieve this goal, where Muslims migrate, frequently their leaders foster isolation from the native population. In these enclaves, or zones, they look to establish and enforce Sharia instead of the law of the land. Believe it, because it is happening here in the U.S. as well as the entire world.

To understand what can and is happening here in the U.S. we are well advised to look at what has happened in countries such as France and England.

According to French journalist and historian, Alexandre Adler, there are many French suburbs that have become Muslim controlled no-go zones. He stated, “The violence in these areas can’t be explained away only as social problems.” He also stated, “that it’s due to the Muslim doctrine that wherever Muslims spread it is Islam land.”

There are at least 750 such no-go zones throughout France. These are violent areas where police, firemen and ambulances refuse to enter unless they have absolutely no other option. These zones are under Islamic control and non-Muslims are advised not to enter.

In England, Islamic law has been enforceable nationwide. There are no-go zones, Muslim enclaves in the London boroughs of Tower Hamlets, Waltham Forest and Bradford. In Belgium, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Sweden, the governments have allowed unassimilated Muslim immigrants to carve out Sharia zones where government law is no longer enforced, even for violent crimes such as murder.

Here in the U.S. look at what is happening in Dearborn, Mch., with a population that is 45 percent Muslim. It can be considered a no-go zone. It is an area (http://www.clarionproject.org//news/american-muslims-stone-christians-dearborn-michigan) where police did not protect Christians carrying pro Jesus signs. The Muslim crowd threw rocks, bottles and eggs at the Christians. Repeatedly, the Christians asked for protection from Wayne County Sheriff’s Department (WCSD) officers who were present. Repeatedly they were denied protection.

In June 2007 David Gaubatz, director of counter intelligence and counterterrorism for the Society of Americans for National Existence and former senior U.S. intelligence official, reported on their investigation of Mosques and Islamic Centers. It was concluded that between 400 to 500 radical Islamic centers in the U.S., purportedly preach an extreme version of Islam and paramilitary training.

There are areas throughout the U.S. where heavy concentration of Islamic people are migrating such as in Brooklyn and Queens, N.Y. It is common to see groups of young men sporting full beards and traditional Islamic attire walking to the Hazrat-I-Abubakr Sadiq mosque for daily prayers five times a day. At times, it seems that Americans are the outsiders and treated with suspicion if not outright contempt by the immigrants.

It is normal for immigrants to seek out their own. What makes these Muslim areas different, and of concern, is their push to implement Islamic (Sharia) law over local law.

American values are being replaced by values and culture imported from the streets of Kabul. Muslims demanding tolerance of their culture and religion, while exhibiting intolerance of American culture and values is evident.

There are radical organizations such as As-Sabigu, headed by Imam Abdul Alim Musa, who calls for installing Islamic law worldwide and building Islamic communities where Islam lives. They provide a step-by-step guide to create Islamic communities as self governing areas within America.

According to a 2005 government report concerning the Muslims of America group, (Jamaat ul-Fuqra) it is believed they have terrorist training compounds here in the U.S. 

In the Catskills Mountains of New York there is al Fuqra’s Muslim compound called Islamberg. It has been reported that non-Muslims are not allowed to enter without prior permission, which is usually not given. Although gunfire has been heard the authorities cannot enter because there is no known law being violated. As of 2002 there were a half dozen Fuqra residential compounds in rural hamlets across the country housing hundreds of members. According to intelligence sources, some of their members have been trained in the use of weapons and explosives in Pakistan.

In York County, Texas, Sheriff Bruce Bryant said, “Islamville is not a location we just sit back and ignore.” The 34-acre site is a self-contained Islamic community. All of the residents at Islamville accept Sheikh Mubarek Ali Gilani as their leader. Again non-Muslims are refused admittance. The local undertaker says he is not allowed past the gate when delivering a deceased.

If you have read articles like mine, you’ll note, it is becoming evident that we are in the midst of an unconventional war. The enemy are the Islamic fanatics and their supporters who are using our laws, customs and our compassion to achieve their goal, to take over America. We can no longer turn a blind eye and sit idly by doing nothing.

You can respond to Ed Ziegler at Brooklyn13@Embarqmail.com or call him at 352-750-3298.


Reader Comments(3)

Edison writes:

This is a complete fabrication...so bad that even Fox News retracted the story. Please refer to: http://www.snopes.com/politics/religion/nogozones.asp My Jewish friends, there are many out there attempting to manipulate society through lies...we have seen this before. Please be vigilant and never forget. -=ec=-

Red writes:

Ask our government why? Why did you give one group the exception to govern their own community? Our Constitution and State laws, NO EXCEPTIONS! Don’t like it, LEAVE AMERICA. This is very disturbing while our government stands idly by and has done little to oppose the vicious criminal acts of the Islamic extremist.911,Benghazi,Beheadings,Killing Christians, Boston, Killing Police, Bombings England, Recruiting, Not saying this is Islamic terrorists acts. America wake up

ConcernedMom writes:

Yet our government has no problem invading, bombing, and disrupting Christian compounds. Since when are Christians believed to be more dangerous than radical Muslims? Christians live within their society spreading the love of Jesus. Muslims make their own closed off societies and attack anyone that does not follow their beliefs. Yet Christians are the problem? Unbelievable, and so very sad.


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