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  • Syrian refugees?

    Ed Ziegler, Remember, Never Again|Aug 12, 2016

    The world has a serious problem, that of the massive number of refugees fleeing Middle Eastern war-torn countries. The vast majority of these refugees are Syrian and Iraqi Muslims while non-Muslims constitute less than three percent. Some countries refuse to admit refugees. Lebanon and Jordan shut their borders to Syrians in 2014. Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, United-Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait and Oman will not take a single refugee because of the crime and violence threat to their safety, as jihadist terrorists hide among those fleeing. After the... Full story

  • Refugee or terrorist

    Ed Ziegler|Jun 3, 2016

    There is a worldwide Syrian refugee crisis. The numbers are staggering. Homeland Security chairman, Rep. Michael McCaul, confirmed that ISIS is targeting the U.S. Refugee program to attack America from within. Peter King, chairman of the sub-committee on counterterrorism and intelligence, warned that President Obama’s decision to admit more Syrian migrants “will put more American lives at risk.” Contrary to the White House, FBI Director Comey and Department of Homeland Security, and Secretary Johnson have stated our present vetting syste... Full story

  • Are radical mosques in America?

    Ed Ziegler|Mar 4, 2016

    Americans consider a house of worship a place of peace where one practices ones’ faith, not preaches hate. While Islamic houses of worship (Mosques) are used for prayer, studies show many Mosques and Islamic centers are used to preach jihad, hate and violence. After their study In 1998 Sheikh Muhammad Hisham Kabban testified to the State Department that of the 114 mosques they visited in the United States 80 percent taught Islamic extremism. David Yerushalmi and Mordechai Kedar’s study “Shari’a and Violence in American Mosques,” claims 81... Full story

  • Daily attacks on civilians

    Ed Ziegler, Remember, Never Again|Nov 27, 2015

    Clearly in 2015, in Israel, there has been a noticeable increase in violent attacks on civilians by Muslims. In Israel, almost every day, there are reports of attempts to murder Israelis. On Oct. 3 two Israeli men were stabbed, in Jerusalem, and killed by a Palestinian. On the same day a mother and her 2-year-old child were attacked. While on Oct 12, in three separate stabbing attacks in Jerusalem, six were wounded. One victim was a 13-year-old Israeli boy riding his bike. On Oct. 13, in four separate terror attacks, three Israelis were killed... Full story

  • Negotiate with Iran-Why?

    Ed Ziegler, Remember, Never Again|Oct 16, 2015

    With the potential devastation and catastrophic deaths a nuclear bomb can cause you would think the first question needed to be answered in the affirmative, is can Iran be trusted to keep an agreement? According to Iran’s track record, clearly the answer is no. In May 2010 The Christian Science Monitor reported that Hillary Clinton, then secretary of state, said Iran had violated the UN’s NPT101 that they had signed. A United Nations’ International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) report said Iran has been pursuing nuclear weapons since before 2004,... Full story

  • The Iran nuclear deal

    Ed Ziegler, Remember, Never Again|Sep 18, 2015

    The State Department said Iran’s support for terrorism was “undiminished” in 2014. The U.S. remains very concerned about the activities of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards and its terrorist proxies in the Middle East. New York Democrat Eliot Engel said “How can we trust Iran when over the decades, I’ve heard ‘Death to America!’ shouted routinely at Muslim Friday prayers, and at commemorations of the U.S. Embassy takeover and many other demonstrations. The regime refuses to shelve the slogan.” A letter signed by 200 former military leaders who under... Full story

  • Lies fan hatred of Jews

    Ed Ziegler, Remember, Never Again|Aug 14, 2015

    On the surface lies and jokes may appear harmless. Many of the lies about Jews are so absurd it’s hard to imagine that anyone would believe them. But they do. Anti-Semitism and hatred for Jews are fanned by lies and jokes dating back centuries. In the 14th century, a sickening lie “Blood Libel” made the claim that Jews kill Christian children for their blood to make matzo (unleavened bread). To this day it is still circulated. Also in the 14th century Jews were blamed for poisoning wells across Europe causing the Black Plague. The Proto... Full story

  • Assault on free speech

    Ed Ziegler, Remember, Never Again|Jun 26, 2015

    This is what it boils down to: Either relinquish some of our freedom of speech or offend fanatic Muslims who are willing to kill anyone who does not obey the Islamic faith. I am disgusted with the main street media and politically correct politicians for finding fault mainly with the intended victims, and not drawing more attention to the two blood thirsty Muslims who attempted to murder those they disagreed with. Islamic Imams, without a trial, issue verdicts of death to those whom they feel offended their faith or their prophet Muhammad. Thes... Full story

  • Interfaith dilemma

    Ed Ziegler, Remember, Never Again|Jan 30, 2015

    Truly, there must be peace-loving people in every religion. It is for this reason there are a number of interfaith events among Christians, Jews and Muslims. In hopes of achieving peace, many Christians and Jews assume all their Islamic counterparts enter the meetings with similar values and honesty. Obviously they are not aware that the Q’uran approves of Al-Takeyyah: Lying For Allah. Nor have they become aware that so many Islamic leaders preach hate of infidels and Islamic domination. According to “Islamic Commentaries” falsehoods (Al-T... Full story

  • Islamic terrorism

    Ed Ziegler, Remember, Never Again|Dec 19, 2014

    It is an absolute fact. The number of Islamic terrorists are growing rapidly as are their violent actions killing more and more non-Muslims. We must stop thinking there is nothing one person can do. There are many options on how an individual can get involved in counteracting terrorists. Below are a few ideas how you can help defend our freedom. A small amount of assistance from a lot of people can make a big difference. The very important first step is a firm commitment to learn, with an open mind, about Islam and the terrorists. Clearly,... Full story

  • Loan wolves attacking America

    Ed Ziegler, Remember, Never Again|Nov 7, 2014

    Each lone wolf terror attack unto itself may appear minimal but Islamic fanatics are calling for an escalation in lone wolf activity in America. Their call is achieving the desired effect. After reading this article take a minute to imagine how much horror hundreds or even thousands of lone wolf suicide bombers could inflict in America. Image a suicide bomber or two in a subway during rush hour with knapsack bombs. Consider a car or truck bomb on a bridge or tunnel or at a reservoir dam or among pedestrians. The media rarely report on... Full story

  • Wake up call - Part II

    Ed Ziegler, Remember, Never Again|Oct 10, 2014

    This article is mainly for those Americans who naively insist that Islamic terrorists are of no concern here, with reasoning like: they know nice Muslims, there are too few fanatics, they do not see them here or if we are nice to them they will be nice to us (as they were with (beheaded) journalists Daniel Pearl, James Foley and Stephen Sotloff?) Listen to the threatening words and actions below, of their vicious leaders, here in the United States. They are throughout America from New York to California and coming across the U.S.-Mexican... Full story

  • Wake up call - Part I

    Ed Ziegler, Remember, Never Again|Sep 26, 2014

    It cannot be denied or ignored any longer. Islamic terrorists such as ISIS, Boka Harram, Hamas, etc., have declared war on all infidels (non-Muslims) worldwide. I pray that every American man, woman and child finally accept the fact that there are millions of Muslims dedicated to eliminating freedom and taking over the world in the name of Allah. This article presents the preaching of Islamic leaders and actions of their fanatic followers. They make their fanatic obsession very clear. One world. One religion, ruled by Islamic law. My question... Full story

  • Ramadan-A month of peace?

    Ed Ziegler, Remember, Never Again|Aug 22, 2014

    According to About.com the Islamic holy month of Ramadan is much more than just not eating and drinking. During this period Muslims are to re-evaluate their lives in light of Islamic guidance. They are to strengthen ties with family and friends, do away with bad habits—essentially to clean up their lives, their thoughts, and their feelings. The Arabic word for “fasting” (sawm) literally means “to refrain” not only refraining from food and drink, but from evil actions, thoughts, and words. During Ramadan, every part of the body must be restra... Full story

  • The higher their numbers the more they demand

    Ed Ziegler, Remember, Never Again|Aug 1, 2014

    Anyone who follows the actions in the Middle East or Islamic communities readily becomes aware that Muslims continuously make demands on their non-Islamic neighbors. One would assume they come to westernized countries like the U.S. for a better way of life. Yet through their ongoing demands it appears they want to convert our lives to the strict oppressive Islamic life style they’ve left. For example, the Council on American-Islamic Relation’s (CAIR-MI) Executive Director Dawud Walid, sent a complaint letter to the Michigan Roseville Public Sch... Full story

  • A terrorist's secret weapon

    Ed Ziegler, Remember, Never Again|Jun 20, 2014

    Fundraising sounds harmless and caring. The vast majority of fundraising is just that. Many years ago I attended a fundraiser for Afghanistan against Russia, held at Faneuil Hall, the birthplace of the Boston Tea party of December 16, 1773. Feeling moved I donated money not knowing the true nature of Islamic terrorists. Mainstream media rarely reports on radical Islamists who are attacking us frequently, violently and subtly. Here I present an important tool they use: fundraising. Money is of major importance in any war. Radical Islam is well... Full story

  • Lesser known attacks of terror

    Ed Ziegler, Remember, Never Again|Jun 6, 2014

    When I offer to share information I have gathered over the past seven years with some people about what the Islamic fanatics are doing here in America. I frequently hear “I do not see Islamic trouble around here” and “it’s no big deal” and “I have a very nice Muslim friend” and “there are only a few fanatics.” To me, responses such as these simply say they are ill-informed because the majority of the media do a very poor job of reporting Islamic actions. You have heard about major attacks, World Trade Center suicide bombings, the Boston Maratho... Full story

  • Anti-Semitism labeled 'apartheid'

    Ed Ziegler, Remember, Never Again|Apr 25, 2014

    There are many reasons why it is utterly ridiculous for any slightly reasonable person to consider Israel an apartheid state. If, for no other reason, Webster’s Dictionary defines apartheid as “segregation by race.” Israel does not segregate anyone in any way. Israel’s enemies point to the defending border wall Israel built as a reason to label Israel an apartheid state. If that is a valid reason then the United States is also an apartheid state because of their wall on the Mexican border. Everyone must agree it is the duty of a government, in... Full story

  • Islamic enclaves in America

    Ed Ziegler, Remember, Never Again|Apr 18, 2014

    Many Islamic leaders have repeatedly stated loud and clear that Islam will dominate the world. To achieve this goal, where Muslims migrate, frequently their leaders foster isolation from the native population. In these enclaves, or zones, they look to establish and enforce Sharia instead of the law of the land. Believe it, because it is happening here in the U.S. as well as the entire world. To understand what can and is happening here in the U.S. we are well advised to look at what has happened in countries such as France and England.... Full story

  • American Muslim Brotherhood

    Ed Ziegler, Remember, Never Again|Mar 7, 2014

    The Muslim Brotherhood (MB) was founded in Egypt in 1928 and is considered a terrorist organization by many countries, including Islamic countries. Its stated goal is to instill the Qur’an as the sole religion and political body in the life of every individual and country worldwide. According to Richard Clarke, former chief counterterrorism advisor on the U.S. National Security Council under Presidents Clinton and Bush, “The Muslim Brotherhood has provided the ideological underpinning for almost all the modern Sunni Islamic terrorist gro... Full story

  • Are they crazy?

    Ed Ziegler, Remember, Never Again|Feb 7, 2014

    Even though it is difficult to understand, Islamic fanatics consider themselves at war with all non-Muslims as well as the entire United States. Understanding ones enemy is important to having any hope of defending one’s self, specifically when the enemy does so many odd and illogical things. In Saudi Arabia, according to a spokesperson of the Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice, the religious police have the right to stop a woman who has “tempting eyes” and order her to cover them immediately or face a fine or pu... Full story

  • Are terrorists attacking U.S.?

    Ed Ziegler, Remember, Never Again|Jan 17, 2014

    Islamic terrorists attack America in many ways. Their goal is to Islamize America. We need the help of good Muslims to identify not so obvious ways that we are being attacked, such as noted below. They attempt to control work conditions. An employee at Disney World who, for her religion, suddenly insisted on modifying her costume with an Islamic headdress. It seems it was not good enough for this Muslim woman that Disney offered to allow the headdress for a different position. Then there are the employees at Target stores who suddenly refused... Full story

  • Islam surpressing free speech?

    Ed Ziegler, Remember, Never Again|Dec 13, 2013

    It is very simple. Are you willing to give up your constitutional right to freedom of speech? That is exactly what will very likely happen if the world continues to implement anti-blasphemy laws to avoid offending fanatic Muslims in hopes they will not react violently. In Islam, if someone is even perceived as having insulted Islam, the individual may be tried and or attacked by a mob, or even sentenced to death. You might ask if Islam commands that those who insult the religion should be put to death? Under Sharia law, those who insult... Full story

  • Should we believe them?

    Ed Ziegler, Remember, Never Again|Nov 15, 2013

    Should you be fearful of someone who demands you convert to his religion or he will kill you? What if there were 100s of such fanatics demanding you convert or they will kill you? What if you learned that they have killed thousands who refused to convert? There were thousands of people who took the fanatics’ demand too lightly. Below, are a handful of typical scary statements made by Islamic leaders. Read their words. Their words are similar to those spoken by many around the world. Then consider the possibility that they mean and intend to d... Full story

  • Will 'The Project' achieve its goal?

    Ed Ziegler, Remember, Never Again|Oct 4, 2013

    It is estimated that there are at least 120 million fanatic Muslims around the world who want, and frequently chant, “Death to America!” Unless we Americans wake up to what they are doing, these fanatics will achieve their goal “Death of America!” Are you willing to give away our way of life? Hezbollah’s secretary general, Sheik Hassan Nasrallah, stated, “We consider the United States to be an enemy because it wants to humiliate our governments, our regimes, and our peoples, because it is the greatest plunderer of our treasures, our oil, an... Full story

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