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Refugee or terrorist


There is a worldwide Syrian refugee crisis. The numbers are staggering. Homeland Security chairman, Rep. Michael McCaul, confirmed that ISIS is targeting the U.S. Refugee program to attack America from within.

Peter King, chairman of the sub-committee on counterterrorism and intelligence, warned that President Obama’s decision to admit more Syrian migrants “will put more American lives at risk.” 

Contrary to the White House, FBI Director Comey and Department of Homeland Security, and Secretary Johnson have stated our present vetting system is totally inadequate to process 10,000 refugees no less 100,000 as suggested by the U.N., President Obama, and Democratic potential presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

With our inadequate vetting system, Islamic terrorists have already entered legally with student visas, work permits and refugee status. Subsequently many were convicted for crimes in the U.S. Crimes such as the 9/11 World Trade tragedy, the Boston Marathon bombing, Los Angeles Airport and New York Subway plots.   

There are many less prominent terrorist acts such as Mohamed Osman Mohamud, a Somali refugee, who plotted to bomb the 2010 Portland Oregon Christmas Tree ceremony. He said “I want whoever attends the ceremony to leave dead or injured.”  

There are numerous cases where Muslims indiscriminately attacked or bombed in the name of Allah.

One need only check European facts showing that crime, murder, rape, and bombings significantly increase along with increased Muslim immigrant population.

I cannot understand why President Obama is expediting vetting from 24 months down to three months rather than tightening the process to save American lives.


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