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Stand against beheadings

Beheading someone is sickening and vicious. Although it has been around for centuries, todays civilized societies no longer use this form of punishment. However Islamic fanatics still freely use decapitating people for perceived insults to Islam and... Full story

 By Ed Ziegler    Opinions    August 9, 2013

Islam brainwashing students?

By Ed Ziegler We know that our children are our future. Therefore our future is what we teach our children. An effective way to brainwash children is by using textbooks that contain false and distorted information. In such misleading textbooks... Full story

 By Ed Ziegler    Opinions    July 19, 2013

Attack, attack, attack

By Ed Ziegler By searching the Internet it is easy to confirm that a very large number of Muslims continue to generate murderous terrorist attacks. The vast majority of these attacks are perpetrated on infidels (non-Muslims) who are peaceful and... Full story

 By Ed Ziegler    Opinions    May 10, 2013

Do you see a pattern?

By Ed Ziegler The United States is known for welcoming immigrants seeking freedom and a better life. The vast majority of immigrants embrace our language, customs and laws. However it appears that many Muslims have developed a pattern to change our... Full story

 By Ed Ziegler    Opinions    April 12, 2013

Another Holocaust in the making?

A major reason for observing Holocaust Remembrance Day is to recognize when a Holocaust is in the making. With the drastic escalation of anti-Semitism in the world, history could be repeating itself. Many Jews fought in the German army during the... Full story


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