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By Ed Ziegler
Remember, Never Again 

Attack, attack, attack


By Ed Ziegler

By searching the Internet it is easy to confirm that a very large number of Muslims continue to generate murderous terrorist attacks. The vast majority of these attacks are perpetrated on infidels (non-Muslims) who are peaceful and unarmed.

It is not uncommon that these fanatics state a reason for the attack that has nothing to do with the victims. A typical example was on June 23 the BBC.co.UK reported that gunmen killed 10 Chinese and Ukrainian tourists, at a base camp The tourists were preparing to climb Nanga Parbat Mountain in Pakistan. A spokesman for Tehrik-e-Taliban, an Islamic terrorist group, said the attack was in retaliation for the killing of its second-in-command, Waliur Rehman.

In May beforeit’snews.com reported that, in Stockholm, some 200-plus Muslim youths were rioting, hurling rocks at the police. In addition, these fanatics set fire to downtown buildings and firebombed vehicles in city suburbs with Molotov cocktails. It is believed the riots were sparked by calls from a Swedish minister to limit Muslim immigration.

In August 2012 the Spanish authorities investigated the deaths of more than a dozen dogs in Lerida. All the dogs were poisoned. It is believed that Muslim immigrants killed the dogs because Islam teaches dogs are “unclean.” Over the next several months, people walking their dogs were harassed and attacked by Muslims.

Then you have the horrific attacks such as the April 2013 Boston Marathon bombing killing three and injuring 254. The believed bombers’—Muslim brothers Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev—actions show an utter disregard for human life.

After several weeks in a hospital a 38-year-old victim, Michelle L’Heureaux,  lashed out at the accused bombers’ mother, Zubeidat Tsarneva, for her jihad ranting and denials. Furthermore, Michelle voiced a strong opinion that we must discontinue being “politically correct” and start speaking out.

On June 28, Reuters reported the China state media announced a death toll of 35 from unrest in the western Xinjiang region. China denounced the Muslim terrorist attack as the deadliest in four years. Xinjiang is home to a large Muslim Uighur community. 

Many Muslims claim the Chinese government imposes restrictions on their culture, language and religion. It is common for Islamic communities, worldwide, to demand being allowed to maintain their culture, even if it is contrary to the law of the country to which they have migrated.  Meanwhile China says it grants Muslims wide-ranging freedoms and accuses the extremists of separatism.

In Madrid one of the deadliest attacks occurred in 2004. Ten bombs were exploded on four packed commuter trains at the height of the morning rush hour, killing 191 people and wounding 1,700. 

In London suicide bombers caused blasts on four  public transports during the morning rush hour on July 7, 2005. They killed 52 unarmed civilians and injured about 700 people. In the week of June 22, 2013 there were 72 Jihad attacks, 620 people critically wounded and 367 killed.

Thereligionofpeace.com states that the Islamic terrorists have carried out more than 21,125 deadly attacks since 9/11/01.

As we know the murderous attacks are made by both groups and individuals. On Feb. 20, 2013 ABC reported that a Muslim, Yusuf Ibrahim, was arrested for the murder and beheading of two Coptic Christians in New Jersey.

In June 2013, in Germany, a Libyan refugee threatened people with knives while holding a Quran and shouting “Allahau Akbar,” (God Is Great), which is frequently shouted by fanatic Muslims in justifying their actions.

For more than 20 years we have thought that being ultra-nice to these Islamic fanatics will cause them to become nice as well.  It is time for all Americans to accept the fact that being politically correct and catering to the jihadists will not stop their attacks and committing wanton murder.

Ed Ziegler is past president of the New Jewish Congregation’s Brotherhood. He can be reached at EdZiegler@embarqmail.com.


Reader Comments(1)

1068 writes:

It is sad to read the writer made sweeping generalizations in his piece, arguing essentially all Muslims are violent against non-Muslims. While there are extremist Muslim groups committing violence against non-Muslims, which should be condemned. However, the Chinese state's attack against Uyghur Muslims is not quite different that Nazi treatment of the Jews right before WWII. How can you argue authoritarian China is a victim while it murdered more than 80 million people and a million Tibetans?


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