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G-d gave the land to His people Israel, believe it or not

Dear Editor:

I read with interest your article entitled ‘Take the J-Street Challenge, it is an eye opener’. Every person out there has an opinion on this touchy/controversial subject—and here is mine.

First, the biblical covenant made by G-d with Abraham in Gen 15:18 -21 spells out the land allotment and title to Abraham and his seed.

In Gen 17:8 it declares that G-d would give the land to His people Israel for an everlasting possession and to be Israel’s G-d forever.

There was no land covenants made with the children of Ishmael (Arabs) see Gen: 19-21.

If you believe the biblical accounts—and there are more: Joshua chapters 14-24 and Numbers chapter 34, then there is no confusion nor doubt about whom this Land truly belongs to.

The J-Street people seek liberal and political remedies that will never work. Perhaps they mean well but they are not doing Israel any favors.

They have their own selfish agenda’s—they don’t even live in Israel; do not appreciate what Israel deals with on a day-to-day basis and yet they bully everyone around into believing that what they are doing is the correct thing to do.

Land for peace is not the answer. A shaky ‘peace’ effort that will never work. Simply put; you either believe what G-d gave to His people—the 12-tribes of Israel or you do not.

If Jews do not understand nor receive the very words written in their Torah/and land allotment manuals this still makes no difference to the G-d of Israel; He will still have the last Word on this.

Sylvia Pagano

Winter Springs


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