Gunfire heard in extended version of abducted teens' police call– The full recording of the emergency call made by one of the kidnapped Israeli teens was released on July 2. On the recording, the murderers can be heard singing in celebration in Arabic, saying “Three!” after gunshots that presumably killed the teens were fired.

The 2-minute, 9-second recording was published on the Ynet website. On Tuesday, the first 49 seconds of the call were released by Israeli police. In that portion of the call, a voice, identified as Gilad Shaar by his father, Ofir, says in a whispering voice to police, “They’ve kidnapped me.”

Next, a voice is heard shouting “heads down, heads down,” in Arabic-accented Hebrew. Meanwhile, the police operator attempts to speak to the caller, asking “hello, hello” several times, but gets no response.

A few seconds later, several loud noises are heard, which are believed to have been gunshots. According to Israeli Army Radio, the three teens were shot during the phone call, with blood and bullet casings found in the vehicle.


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