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Scene Around 

Scene Around


Abraham H. Foxman

Now that we know...

This comes directly from ABRAHAM H. FOXMAN, national director of the

Anti-Defamation League (ADL) with an aside by me:

"Even after 100 years of remarkable progress against anti-Semitism, dangerous attitudes about Jews still persist throughout the world. Overall, 26 percent of the world's population, a little more than 1 billion people, harbor anti-Semitic attitudes. The index of anti-Semitic attitudes ranges from less than 1 percent in Laos, 3 percent in the Philippines, and 9 percent in the United States to 74 percent in the Middle East and North Africa.

Some of the better results were found in most English-speaking countries and among residents of northern Europe. And, interestingly, unlike the rest of Eastern Europe, the Czech Republic is relatively free of anti-Semitism.

Most disturbing was the finding that 4 out of every 10 people in the world believe that Jews are more loyal to Israel than they are to the country they live in."

(I found that to be true just recently. A friend at the dog park I frequent said he feels sure that I, my spouse and sons, are probably more loyal to Israel than to the United States. I had to remind him that all the males in my life are either ongoing-David is a Lt. Commander, U.S. Navy-or combat veterans of the U.S. Navy and Army.)

Back to the ADL report:

"Equally troubling is that only 54 percent of people say they have heard of the Holocaust, and among them a stunning 32 percent believe either if didn't happen or the number of deaths has been exaggerated."

(So sorry to start my column with such depressing news. I promise, though, to end it with a joke!)

Mazel tov department...

My friends, RACHEL and JIM SHIPLEY are proof that love and marriage can last for over half a century. (Irv and I are proof also... our 54th wedding anniversary is approaching.)

Now, their "last" son, ADAM SHIPLEY, who turned 50 years old last January, has finally met his "bashert."

Adam used to book talent at clubs in Orlando like the Beacham and the old "Junk Yard." He now lives in "Nawlins" (New Orleans) and runs a major talent agency there.

Adam's friends felt he should leave bachelorhood and "all that jazz" so, they arranged a meeting with one ZOE GLASSMAN, a very lovely gal. Zoe teaches French to kindergartners in "Nawlins" and delivers a ready-made family of a son and daughter to Adam.

They became engaged two weeks ago and will announce wedding plans later. After all this time, why be in such a hurry?

(It couldn't happen to a nicer couple. Again I say mazel tov!)

Lots of response...

I received more than a few emails and phone calls from people expressing gratitude for writing about current SCAMS. Here is yet another one to watch out for. This comes directly from BILL KAHN again, who still gives 45 minute lectures to the public on "How to Avoid, Scams, Frauds and Cons. He has a website which covers 20 major areas and where his lecture can be heard.

In the fall, Bill will be giving half-day seminars to businesses on "How to Protect your Business: Inter Business Relationships, Identity Theft, Deception, Spying, Computer Safety and Detecting Liars."

Bill's latest warning:

"If someone you don't know contacts you in any form and asks for information or asks for you to click on a site... DON'T!

There are some simple reasons. They want to find out if the site is active or pull some critical information from you. Furthermore, it might seem to come from a friend. I supposedly received an email from my son that started 'Hi Bill...' (Normally, it's 'Dad.')

If you think it might be real, contact the person or organization through your own contact information. NEVER use theirs!" (Sounds like good advice to me. Thanks again, Bill.)

No scam, just great jazz...

On July 27, RICH WALKER will bring his great jazz guitar and blues singing to the Altamonte Chapel along with JEFF PHILLIPS on keyboards, CHARLIE SILVA on bass and DENNIS LAAK on drums. You will love this show.

Bring your friends, they will thank you, I promise.

(If you caught the June 29 Jam session with DANNY JORDAN, you got a taste of Rich who sat in and, as usual, brought down the house.)

The Altamonte Chapel is located at 825 East SR 436, Altamonte Springs. The phone number is 407-339-5208. The music begins at 12:30 p.m. and professional musicians and vocalists are usually welcome to "sit-in" second set.

Our own wonderfully talented musician and radio personality, ALAN ROCK is emcee. Don't miss it!

Furry family members...

As I write this column (well in advance of publication) I am grieving the loss of a beloved family cat. Sarah was her name. My spouse and son, RON, especially, grieve with me. Even our dog, CHLOE, and other cat, KELLY, seem to know of the severe loss of our darling Sarah. We shall miss her always.

Those of us who are animal lovers understand that our pets are part of our families, and they offer unconditional love and comfort. Founded by The Banfield Charitable Trust, Pet Peace of Mind is a national organization that enables hospice patients and families to keep their pets in their homes with them throughout their end-of-life journey. Cornerstone Hospice Pet Peace of Mind is the first hospice in the state of Florida to introduce such a program, where staff and volunteers can also address the needs of animal family members. The program relies on specially-trained volunteers to assist patients and families with their pets' needs, including basic in-home care; dog walking; pet waste clean-up; bathing and grooming; pet food and cat litter; flea and tick treatment and/or routine vaccinations and medications.

Patients may not be physically able to care for their pets, or families may not have the funds to care for their animals properly. Donations of funds and supplies from the community allow Cornerstone Hospice Pet Peace of Mind to provide patients and families the "peace of mind" they need.

In addition to offering pet care services, Cornerstone Hospice Pet Peace of Mind works to educate families and the community to have a plan for their pets should they be unable to care for them anymore, either by employing volunteers to assist with care, or establishing advance directives for rehoming, the program is designed to ensure that pets are not left behind. Cornerstone Hospice Pet Peace of Mind is not a rescue, however they work with local rescues and animal welfare organizations to aid in rehoming when necessary.

Cornerstone is one of several hospice sponsors of the Jewish Pavilion. For more information on services they provide and how Orlando Senior Help Desk can assist you, contact 407-678-9363.

One for the road...

Zoe Glassman and Adam Shipley

A man's young son showed a lot of promise, especially when he said he wanted to grow up to be a politician.

So the man made special arrangements and told his son that in two weeks they would be visiting Washington, D.C. and had access to several important sites.

First they took a tour, including the Lincoln Memorial, the Washington Monument, the FBI Building, the Holocaust Museum and the White House.

Then they went to Congress to watch the goings-on from the gallery. As they walked in, the boy spotted a rabbi seated in the far corner of the chamber. "Daddy," said the little boy, "is the rabbi here to pray for the congressmen?"

"As a matter of fact," the father answered, "the rabbi looks at the congressmen and then prays for the country!"

(Oy... a political joke!)


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