Rabbi Adler gives commentary on Haggadah


Shown here (l-r): Susie Stone, Rabbi Adler, Eve Homburger, and Eve's son Marc, who ably read the Haggadah for the seder. 

Leading nine seders for the Jewish Pavilion for the first time, Gloria Green, program director for Southwest Orange County and downtown Orlando, reported many treasured moments, and stated that she noticed that even for those with memory issues, the reading of the Haggadah stirred up long embedded remembrance of the four questions in Hebrew and the words for singing Dayenu. One of Green's dearest moments was of Rabbi Adler giving a brief commentary on the significance of the last line of the Haggadah: "May the one who makes peace in the high heavens make peace over us, over all Israel, and over the world." Rabbi said this was the first statement acknowledging the existence of "the high heavens."

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