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Central Conference condemns minister's offensive comments


NEW YORK—July 09, 2015—Rabbi Steve A. Fox, Chief Executive of The Central Conference of American Rabbis (CCAR), the official rabbinic leadership organization of the Reform Judaism Movement, released the following statement in response to the recent disparaging remarks about Reform Jews by Israel’s Religious Services Minister David Azoulay:

“Minister Azoulay must apologize for his comments, which are offensive to millions of American Jews. Reform Judaism is deeply rooted in Jewish history, tracing its origins to more than 200 years ago, beginning in Europe and later North America and around the world. Reform Judaism provides an authentic Jewish experience and practice for millions of Jews around the world. Today, in North America, Reform Judaism represents the largest groups of Jews.

Jewish law clearly teaches that all Jews are one people, and that principle encompasses all denominations. Our shared faith, history, and dedication to values strongly tie us to all other Jews. Judaism has embraced a multiplicity of voices for generations, recognizing that there are varying voices and practices in Jewish life.  The Talmudic principle of Elu V’ Elu (this and this), has been a deeply embedded Talmudic and rabbinic tradition for 2000 years.

The Reform Movement is the largest and oldest organized Jewish Movement in the United States and North America. Our colleagues in the Conservative, Reconstructionist, and Modern Orthodox movements have all distanced themselves from the words of the Minister.” 


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