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Israeli company introduces latest interactive educational systems to the U.S. market


EduQuest is geared to enrich and enliven any preschool environment.

Israel-based Edu-Consulting International LTD, a leading global provider of interactive educational technology, will launch its latest new products, EduQuest and MultiMind at the 2015 National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) Annual Conference & Expo-Nov. 18-21 in Orlando. Edu-Consulting has been developing educational technology since 1995. The company's unique educational systems have been successfully integrated into countless classrooms around the world. "We started the company to answer the needs of both teachers and children in today's technological age. We have taken the guesswork out of teaching-How much computer time? What software? Which tangibles to use? How to build an exciting lesson?-leaving the teachers free to best facilitate the children's learning." said Itzik Kanes, CEO of Edu-Consulting and a father of five.

EduQuest is geared to enrich and enliven any preschool environment (for children ages 3 to 5). It consists of a specially designed activity table for group work, colorful wooden tangibles (towers, geometrical shapes, cubes), hundreds of printed cards, a book of stories, and exciting educational software. The lessons cover all of the major learning areas as well as develop a broad range of skills that are essential for children in today's world to thrive. EduQuest has received international acclaim as a BETT Award finalist within the "Best early childhood products" category, London, January 2015.

MultiMind is an interactive solution for primary school students (ages 5 to 9). The content covers the five main curricula areas: Math, Language, Science, Social Studies, and Arts and consists of hundreds of exciting activities. MultiMind includes a kit of didactic materials and accessories aimed at supporting the needs of different types of students together with a special activity table for group work and carefully selected software activities.

"Our systems offer a unique blend of rigor and exploration. They naturally allow the child to explore at their own pace and level. What's more is that our products brilliantly scaffold learning by introducing hands-on didactics. This allows the child to absorb every nuance of knowledge, thereby enabling them to create a full and comprehensive picture of the topics they encounter," said Mordy Oberstein, MS.Ed., Educonsulting's director of Pedagogy, and Teach For America alumnus.

Both systems are equipped with a user-friendly Authoring Tool, allowing teachers to create unlimited activities within the system. In addition, there is a Learning Management System (LMS) that helps track the student's progress and tailor the activities to the needs of a specific child or group of children. In addition, there is a comprehensive Teacher Resource for each system, which has been meticulously developed to offer hundreds of ready-made lesson plans and opportunities for using the systems in any classroom setting.

About Edu-Consulting

Edu-Consulting develops interactive educational systems for young children, elementary school students and children with special educational needs. Founded in 1995, Edu-Consulting operates globally with a main office in Park Afek, Israel. More information is available at: http://educonsulting-intl.com.


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