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World's first fruit-flavored cup makes water exciting


Lemon is one of the first flavors to be infused in The Right Cup.

The trending blog Awesome Jelly predicts a new Israeli product "will forever change the way we drink water." AOL has called it "ingenious," and Entrepreneur calls it "clever."

Six years of research and patented technology went into The Right Cup, a BPA-free recyclable plastic drinking cup infused with FDA-approved aromatic fruit flavors to trick your senses into thinking plain water has a fruity taste.

CEO and founder Isaac Lavy was diagnosed with diabetes at age 30 and was advised by his doctor to drink only plain water. But he hated the taste, and thus began a long process of research, trial and error that led to the first prototype of The Right Cup.

"Isaac has been lecturing about scent marketing for a long time, so naturally this is what entered his mind after being told he had to drink only water," cofounder and creative director Erez Rubinstein tells ISRAEL21c.

"Over the years, he told many people about his idea and they all said it was impossible," adds Rubinstein.

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