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Israeli, Californian firefighters become band of brothers

(Israel21c via JNS) — Ten Israeli firefighters flew to California on Aug. 30. Over the course of 15 days of exhausting, dangerous work, they became a battalion of brothers with their California...


Israeli orchestra sends musical love letter to Arab states

(Israel21C via JNS) Atop a soaring Tel Aviv skyscraper, an orchestra of Jewish, Muslim, Druze and Christian musicians from across Israel performed the Emirati song "Ahebak" ("I Love You") in tribute...


Why the UAE is looking to Israel to secure its food supplies

(Israel21c via JNS) Food security is emerging as a key area in which the United Arab Emirates is eager for Israeli expertise, investors in each country tell ISRAEL21c. The Gulf states import more...


Scientists grow fresh dates from a sixth-century BCE seed

(Israel21C via JNS) - Mazal tov to Hannah and Methuselah on their 111 miracle babies! The proud parents are date palms grown from ancient seeds uncovered in archeological excavations in Israel. These...


Israel starts clinical trial of plasma-derived Covid drug

Physicians at Hadassah University Medical Center in Jerusalem report promising early results of a clinical study in which they are treating Covid-19 patients with immunoglobulin derived from the...


4 Israeli inventions that purify the air of Covid-19

(ISRAEL21c) - Remember when pollution was our worst respiratory worry? Now, scientists say airborne virus particles may be the main cause of Covid-19 infections. In the face of new evidence, the...


The 10 most iconic archeological sites in Israel

(ISRAEL21c) - Sitting at the crossroads of the ancient world, Israel is an archeologist's dream. Peeling back the layers of history here is a never-ending pursuit. Excavations by the Israel...


Israeli boy finds ancient tablet

(ISRAEL21c) - The story probably didn't end happily for the bound and naked captive depicted on a 3,500-year-old clay tablet recently found in Israel. Things have turned out much better for the...


6 coronavirus vaccine developments from Israel to watch

(ISRAEL21c) — Research groups across the world are using a variety of approaches to formulating vaccines that could protect people from COVID-19. Big money and urgent demand are accelerating the normally lengthy process of vaccine development....


In the race for a coronavirus vaccine, first doesn't mean best

(Israel21c via JNS) — About 120 research groups from various countries are racing to develop vaccines for the SARS-CoV-2 virus (COVID-19). Several formulations have already advanced to human safety trials. Although the frontrunners in this race...


Israeli study reveals why some COVID-19 patients do much worse than others

(Israel21c via JNS) — An immune system run amok may be responsible for some COVID-19 patients faring worse than others, suggests a new international study led by immunology researchers at Israel’s Weizmann Institute of Science. In the study,...


A cotton that can kill germs and viruses on contact

(ISRAEL21c)-The constantly intensifying battle against viruses and antibiotic-resistant "superbugs" isn't only about finding stronger drugs against infection. The focus is moving to preventing infecti... Full story


30 Israeli medical innovations to fight coronavirus

The coronavirus crisis is first and foremost about people. People stuck at home, people out of work. People sick with the virus, people caring for them. People canceling dream weddings and vacations, people deciding public-health policies.... Full story


Israel's Teva donating potential COVID-19 treatment to US hospitals

(ISRAEL21c)—The global Israeli company Teva Pharmaceutical Industries is donating more than 6 million doses of hydroxychloroquine sulfate tablets to hospitals across the United States to meet the urgent demand for the medicine as an... Full story


Fearing end of the world, man returns ancient stolen relic

(ISRAEL21c)-Fifteen years after he filched a 2,000-year-old ballista stone from a Jerusalem archaeological site, an anonymous Israeli arranged to return it to the Israel Antiquities Authority. The... Full story


Jerusalem Zoo to send aid for animals in Australia fires

(ISRAEL21c)—The Jerusalem Biblical Zoo is collecting donations to help the Animal Rescue Collective purchase veterinary supplies for animals affected by wildfires in Victoria, Australia. “The Jerusalem Biblical Zoo and its staff are... Full story


Kurdish kids get urgent medical treatment in Israel

A Kurdish refugee toddler-we'll call him Ajwan, for security reasons-is the latest of 44 Iraqi and Syrian Kurdish children who've had emergency medical treatment at Israel's Sheba Medical Center in... Full story


No water, no electricity, and whole families living in cars

(ISRAEL21c)-Michal Bar, head of emergency operations for Israeli humanitarian NGOIsraAID,  doesn't mince her words. "The level of destruction is shocking," she says. "Since we arrived in the Bahamas... Full story


Urban kibbutzim plant seeds for improving city life

(ISRAEL21c)—Guy Gardi, a founding member of 25-year-old urban Kibbutz Beit Yisrael in the southern Jerusalem neighborhood of Gilo Aleph, doesn’t consider himself a pioneer like the founders of the nearly 100-year-old Kibbutz Ein Harod in the... Full story


Barzilai wins 2018 Eurovision

(ISRAEL21c)-Throughout her 25 years of life, Netta Barzilai was told over and over that she wasn't pretty enough or smart enough or skinny enough to accomplish what she wanted in life. Last night she... Full story


Israel steps in to help teachers

ISRAEL21c-Ten days after the shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, experts from the Israel Trauma Coalition arrived at the community to guide teachers, clinicians, law... Full story


One drug could treat Alzheimer's, MS, Crohn's and more

(ISRAEL21c)-Could one drug effectively treat incurable inflammatory diseases such as Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis, rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis as well as neurodegenerative... Full story


Why are honeybees dying?

ISRAEL21c—That’s one of the findings of groundbreaking experiments performed at Israel’s Benjamin Triwaks Bee Research Center at Hebrew University’s Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture in Rehovot. The center also has discovered that,... Full story


Six amazing Israeli inventions discovered by accident

ISRAEL21c—When Avram Hershko was a post-doc fellow at the University of California in San Francisco from 1969 to 1971, he made an unexpected discovery that led to his receiving the 2004 Nobel Prize in Chemistry. The professor at the... Full story


World's first blood test to aid diagnosis of Parkinson's

ISRAEL21c-Doctors diagnose as many as 60,000 new cases of Parkinson's disease (PD) every year in the United States. Yet diagnosing PD with certainty can take years-long after early signs and symptoms... Full story


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