Beth Am offers series 'Tough Questions' with Life Coach Stephen Halpin


Certified Life Coach Stephen Halpin

Congregation Beth Am is collaborating with Stephen Halpin, certified life coach, to offer a 3-part series titled "Tough Conversations." The first program is Sunday, Feb. 7, from 10 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. at Beth Am, 3899 Sand Lake Road in Longwood.

Seven years ago Halpin lost his mother after a long illness. Since then he has watched his father go from never being sick a day in his life to a nursing home. It happened quickly and unexpectedly. Halpin will share his story and the lessons he learned from his own story and the experiences of his clients.

Everyone has had a moment when they know that they need to have a tough conversation with a family member, friend or colleague. Most of us dread having those conversations but there are ways to make those tough conversations easier on all. Learn how to have those tough conversations to save your family from having to make difficult decisions during a crisis. Some of the topics he will touch on will be: How does a family approach the topic of an aging parent; How to get everyone on the same page; and how to parent as a team, among other topics. Halpin's experience working in coaching and developing interpersonal training programs as well as one-on-one coaching with families and individuals can help to make tough conversations less tough.

Halpin has over 15 years of experience as a certified life coach, helping people discover their fullest potential. He has helped his clients chart a path for success in their careers, understand their talents and develop a plan of action to move forward in their lives. He received a B.A. in sociology and religion from Louisiana State University and a B.A. in theater from the University of Central Florida. Halpin is a proud member of the International Association of Professional Life Coaches and the North American Life Coach Association. He has experience working in business and has been involved in sales, training and coaching for over 15 years. He worked for the Walt Disney World Company where he was involved in training and worked briefly with Disney Imagineering. He has also worked for Publix Supermarkets and in real estate that has given him a great understanding of business operations and helping people realize their fullest potential. Halpin worked as a family/youth minister for over 15 years and he ran an organization that offered short-term mission experiences for teens and adults throughout the world. Most recently he has been donating his time to working with people facing the challenges associated with life threatening illnesses including HIV and cancer. For the past four years he has been the artistic director of Baggy Pants Theater in Orlando. He has been married for over 30 years to his wife Diane. They have three adult children and one grandson. 

Halpin explained life coaching this way: "Life coaching is a partnership between a professional and an individual who is looking to make changes in their lives. A life coach helps people look at their actions and their outcomes and then evaluates them to help them determine which path will help them reach their goals. A life coach can help problem solve, motivate, inspire and hold someone accountable in his or her lives."

Debbie Davids, immediate past-president at Beth Am, was instrumental in arranging this series of programs as part of Beth Am's commitment to offer adult-oriented programming relevant to the entire community. Davids remarked, "I have know Stephen for years and I have faced these difficult and challenging issues in my own family. Anyone who has struggled with these questions themselves would benefit from Stephen's insight and assistance."

As with all of the educational programs at Beth Am there is no charge to attend this series; and all members of the Central Florida community, Jewish and non-Jewish, are welcome to participate. For more information on the series "Tough Questions" and all of the programs offered at Congregation Beth Am consult the synagogue's web site at Stephen Halpin's web site is


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