The success of Israel


Israel has had extraordinary success in developing relations with powerful emerging countries such as India and China and re-engaging with the African nations.

The understandings achieved with the Russians, despite their involvement in Syria, are nothing short of amazing. Alongside his tactical intervention ensuring the survival of Assad in Syria, Putin has simultaneously developed an unprecedented positive relationship with Israel. His Bolshevik antecedents would turn in their graves if they were aware of the almost surreal scenario in which this former KGB officer expresses philo-Semitic sentiments and even praises former Soviet citizens now resident in Israel.

Although it is still premature, Israel’s relationship with Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states, much of which is currently clandestine, has the potential of ultimately obliging the Palestinians to reach an accommodation with us.

Israel has never been as powerful as it is today. Without dismissing the Iranian threat, the Israel Defense Forces are today able to defeat the combined forces of all our adversaries.

Despite the fact that anti-Semitism, assimilation and intermarriage will continue to erode the vitality of Diaspora Jewish communities, increasing numbers of committed Jews will make aliya, either by choice or to enable their children to grow up in a society in which they wear their Jewishness as a badge of honor.

Despite the trials and tribulations of the Jewish people, we can rejoice in the knowledge that our future remains assured with Israel. Over the past half century, the Jewish state has made extraordinary progress, is self-sufficient and is proud of our achievements as the startup nation.

Isi Leibler writes the Candidly Speaking from Israel column. This article was originally published in the Jerusalem Post and Israel Hayom.


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