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  • The success of Israel

    Isi Leibler|Apr 8, 2016

    Israel has had extraordinary success in developing relations with powerful emerging countries such as India and China and re-engaging with the African nations. The understandings achieved with the Russians, despite their involvement in Syria, are nothing short of amazing. Alongside his tactical intervention ensuring the survival of Assad in Syria, Putin has simultaneously developed an unprecedented positive relationship with Israel. His Bolshevik antecedents would turn in their graves if they were aware of the almost surreal scenario in which t...

  • The fallout of the Obama doctrine: Global chaos and its implications for Israel and the Jewish people

    Isi Leibler|Apr 1, 2016

    President Barack Obama’s determination to downgrade U.S. international power has generated massive global instability and chaos with especially ominous implications for Israel. The Obama policies have undermined longstanding alliances within the Western bloc. By supporting the Muslim Brotherhood and allying with terrorist and rogue states like Iran, the U.S. has alienated Arab states such as Egypt and Saudi Arabia, which consider themselves abandoned and betrayed. The wooing and groveling toward Iran has empowered the world’s leading Isl...

  • Belgium anti-Semitism reaches new heights

    Isi Leibler|Oct 4, 2013

    I have devoted numerous columns of late to the tsunami of anti-Semitism sweeping throughout Western Europe, noting that aside from the frenziedly anti-Semitic Islamic extremists, the principal perpetrators are left wing activists frequently led by those purportedly promoting human rights. Manfred Gerstenfeld’s most recent book “Demonizing Israel and the Jews” documents evidence of the depressingly high levels of European anti-Semitism, highlighting the frequent employment of Holocaust inver...