11 Israeli companies to watch in marketing technology


ISRAEL21c—Think of marketing as a way of moving potential customers through a funnel: enticing them to enter at the top, to stay inside until making a purchase, and to go back inside for future purchases.

Think of marketing technology (mar-tech) as smart automated solutions for every stage of that sales funnel, says Pini Yakuel, CEO of Optimove, one of the growing number of Israeli companies specializing in mar-tech software for B2B and B2C clients.

“Mar-tech is a very hot field,” Yakuel tells ISRAEL21c.

“In the old days, marketing was perceived as an art and you didn’t have software—at least not for any but Fortune 500 companies. In recent years, with the progression of cloud computing and cheaper software technologies, smaller companies can enjoy high-caliber mar-techs that allow them to scale up and be faster and smarter in their marketing efforts even on a low budget.”

Because different customers are motivated by different incentives, it’s hard to predict which marketing campaign will be most effective for each customer. The magic of algorithms and big-data analysis enables pinpoint accuracy.

For example, says Yakuel, an apparel retailer’s home page could automatically feature a coat or ski gear to visitors from cold climes, while showing t-shirts or swimsuits to visitors from warmer locations.

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