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Orlando Torah Academy explores life science


Orlando Torah Academy first graders with chicks.

First Grade at Orlando Torah Academy has been exploring life science in a hands-on way! For three weeks, the class observed the growth of the embryo inside chicken eggs then watched those eggs hatch into baby chicks! They are currently observing the growth of the hatchlings as they prepare to send them to permanent homes.

The project began with some background research on chick development inside the egg. As a class, they researched, via books and the Internet, the way a chick develops inside a fertilized egg. Then they put several fertile eggs into an incubator. And watched. And waited. Every few days they candled the eggs and students journaled what they saw developing, comparing it to the researched information. As a special project, one student helped put together a slide show using the pictures taken of the developing eggs! The class completed projects on the life cycle of chicks, put together a FAQ poster with information about what was going on, and created a list of rules for fellow students to follow when observing the eggs and chicks. They also read stories and poems, and sang songs, about chicks.

Three weeks later, the school was abuzz as the eggs began to hatch! It was an exciting time, and many students had the privilege of watching, first-hand, a small chick "pip and zip" its way around the egg and push its way out! First grade students were so proud of their first hatchlings! The class continued journaling the developments, and used their writing skills to create announcements to hang up around school.

Now students are watching the chicks grow (very quickly), continuing to observe and journal, and are doing some research on the growth, development and care of chickens. Students are also enjoying watching and holding the fuzzy little creatures, and have taken responsibility for arranging for and helping other classes throughout the school come to hold the chicks. First graders have also written creative stories about the adventures one of the chicks might have. Over the next week, students will each take a turn bringing the chicks home to care for overnight. Then the chicks will go permanent homes with willing and excited families within our school.

It has been an exciting time in First Grade at OTA!

Orlando Torah Academy is a Jewish day school located in Southwest Orlando. Now enrolling preschool through 7th grade.


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