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Campaign to raise $40 billion for day school students


Based in E. Windsor, N.J., the Endowment Fund for School Choice announced it is open for business. Aaron Sears, president of the Endowment Fund, explained that “The Endowment Fund’s goal is to provide every Jewish Day School student with a $10,000/yr voucher.” The Endowment Fund is requesting the public’s support to make this goal a reality. The vouchers would apply to day school students across the United States.

The Endowment Fund for School Choice is a registered 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. In New York City, Jews have recently overtaken Catholics as the No.1 student body in private school (source: New York State Education Department). On the one hand, it’s a miracle. On the other hand, the Jewish day schools suffer from a lack of resources. Up until now, there hasn’t been a national charity to support Jewish day schools. There is now. It’s called The Endowment Fund for School Choice.

“Jewish Day School” means a school that educates students of the Jewish faith, in K to 12th grade, in a program which includes Jewish-specific areas of study and which has a student body which is overwhelmingly Jewish.

Warren Hyman, VP, explained, “The school can offer both in-class and distance learning. Students may be in mainstream and/or special-ed programs. The Jewish Day Schools may be aligned with the traditional (aka Orthodox), conservative, reform movements and/or unaffiliated schools. The stream of Judaism followed by the school is irrelevant.”

In 2016, the Endowment Fund was formed by a group of concerned parents who know firsthand the challenges of private schooling affordability.

Sam Braun, VP, proudly explained “the Endowment Fund is a 100 percent volunteer-run organization with no paid staff. An extremely low overhead rate means nearly 100 percent of the monies raised can be used for school vouchers.”

Devorah Blumberg, VP, explained “The Endowment Fund won’t be operating schools or devising curriculums. Instead, the Endowment Fund will be operated like a scholarship fund with minimal staff. The vast majority of funds raised and dividends received will either grow the endowment or be used for vouchers.”

Anyone interested in assisting should visit the Endowment Fund’s website at http://www.endowmentfundforschoolchoice.com.


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