Put your own face into a keypad full of emojis


ISRAEL21c-Emoticons such as smiley faces are really helpful in expressing your tone in an email, post or text message. Emojis such as a thumbs-up are great for expressing ideas without even typing a word.

Yet even with all the options loaded into your messaging apps, sometimes you can't find exactly the right icon to get across your mood or concept. That's why so many apps offer create-your-own emojis including some with the faces of pop stars. But why use their faces when you can use your own?

The Israeli startup Panimood hopes to answer that question with Moojis, a free iOS and Android app.

Users snap a selfie and the app processes it, via a proprietary image-processing algorithm, into a portrait that you can then manipulate with simple tools to fashion different Moojis.

"What we do is basically erase the original photo and draw it back to life," the company explains.

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