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Strong pro-Israel presence on campus chases away BDS activists


Standing up non-violently to anti-Israel activists on the University of the Witwatersrand (Wits) campus in South Africa had a positive effect during “Israeli Apartheid Week” (IAW), and BDS demonstrators folded up their flags and didn’t even show up for the last day of the event.

“We are taking a stand and saying, ‘Enough,’” Gilad Kabilo told The Algemeiner reporter Lea Speyer.

Kabilo, leader of a group sponsored by StandWithUs, said that the no-show on the last day was because of the strong response of Jewish and pro-Israel students who stood up to the demonstrators’ message of hate every day of IAW.

The Jewish group withstood Hezbollah and Hamas flags being flown in their faces as they demonstrated against a “die-in.” In an attempt at intimidation, the BDS activists gave the Nazi salute and goose-stepped toward the Jewish students.

According to The Algemeiner, members of the Jewish community, both on and off campus are demanding that administrators take action against the BDS movement on campus.

“More than 1,000 emails were sent to Wits management calling for repercussions against these incidents,” Kabilo stated.

Along with the support of StandWithUs is the South African Union of Jewish Students, a nonprofit organization that caters to the needs of Jewish students at all South African university campuses.


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