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So much matzah! What to do with it all?

Myrna Ossin has answers to your every need to have the perfect Passover in her newly released book, "What to Do with Your Leftover Matzah, The Fifth Question." Included with the 60 recipes that can be served year round, Ossin has a timeline and a "to do" list for preparation of meals, starting a few weeks ahead.

Getting down to the details, Ossin lists every serving utensil and serving item needed, menu plans with vegan, vegetarian and Shabbat options -including favorites like cheesecake, lasagna, bagels, toffee and more-and a shopping list with information to help with how much is needed for a seder meal.

There are brief explanations of the ritual elements of the service and how to prepare the Seder plate, and a concise explanation of the kosher rules and historical differences between Sephardic and Ashkenazi traditions.

Ossin studied dietetics at the Univeristy of Wisconsin and has taught cooking for many years. She gives both the experienced cook and the novice many tips to preparation that will make the seder an enjoyable experience for everyone.

"What to Do with Your Leftover Matzah" is available on amazon.com.

'California Dreamin' takes readers on a wild ride

Here is a mystery thriller written by Orlando's own Mark Solomon. This is Solomon's first novel and it's a compelling read that churns through many twists all revolving around one horrible event.

The story's characters include a crusading cop, a beleaguered public defender/restaurateur and his wife, and a gymnast and her wayward brother.

The title, "California Dreamin'," is taken from the name of the upscale Nouveau American restaurant California owned by Assistant Public Defender Martin King and his wife, Moeisha.

King sees his life crumble when he is suspected of being the murderer of Autumn Winter, the sister of Martin's client, Kirk. Homicide Detective Duane Battier methodically builds his case and then hands it off to Assistant State Attorney Bilbo Ballard to prosecute Martin for first-degree murder, punishable by execution.

Orlando mega-star defense attorney Donny Salvatore takes on King's case. The story of the events that both lead to and follow that fateful incident, is frightful, angering, sad and funny.

Along the way, Solomon, himself an attorney, reveals police practices, and court and defense procedure. Interesting and memorable characters along with image-conjuring writing make this a compelling and enjoyable read. Additionally, the reader will find a trove of pop culture nuggets strewn throughout.

Mark Solomon has had a law practice in Orlando since 1983. His family has lived in Orlando since 1971 and his mother is Sandi Solomon, a city commissioner of Casselberry and president of the Zionistas.


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