Analysis: Two-State Solution = demographic suicide for Israel


Well, I’ll admit I was wrong. It happens.

In the body of an article of mine about four months ago, I asserted that if Israel allowed the creation of any type of ‘West Bank Palestinian State’ where Israel did not have the absolute right to restrict Palestinian immigration and entry “the Palestinian Arabs could invite anyone they want into their state, including thousands of Hezbollah and tens of thousands of Iranian volunteers for Palestine.”

Hezbollah Leader Hassan Nasrallah just stated that in a war with Israel, “hundreds of thousands of fighters from all around the Arab and Islamic world [would] participate in this fight—from Iraq, Yemen, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan.” If Nasrallah could mobilize “hundreds of thousands” for a fight in Lebanon, he could rally many more than “hundreds of thousands” for a war against Tel Aviv and Jerusalem from the ‘West Bank.’ So, I was wrong when I wrote “thousands” or “tens of thousands” of terrorists would flood a PA “West Bank State” to murder Israelis, but my title, “How to get 1 million more terrorists into the Palestinian Authority and having to re-invade LOL” was, otherwise, exactly correct.

But let’s understand how “disconnected some Israeli politicians are from the demographic dangers of a “Palestinian West Bank state” in light of my thesis of four months ago. “The problem is, if a ‘West Bank State’ is created, or even if substantial contiguous pockets of Palestinian Arab control are really created, and the PA is granted the sovereign right to import population, the PA would clearly be able to bring many of the so-called 8 million Palestinian refugees into its state. And the Palestinian Arabs can invite anyone else they want into their state, including thousands of Hezbollah and tens of thousands of Iranian volunteers for Palestine.

In this light, let’s examine Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman, for example. Recently, Mr. Liberman stated emphatically in a Facebook post, “Let it be clear about an arrangement with the Palestinians—we will not agree that even one refugee will return to the 1967 borders. If they want to receive them in Shechem, Hevron or Qalqilya—let them do so.” So, Liberman, apparently, is completely ok with letting the sovereign “Palestinian West Bank state” bring in millions of Arab, Iranian, Turkish Muslims into the West Bank where there currently is not enough water, sanitation facilities, food, jobs, or security to control the Palestinian Arabs who are there now. But, according to Liberman, the PA state can and should import many millions of Muslims and many will immigrate to the ‘West Bank’ because they solely want to murder Israelis.

Can anyone expect the millions of newly-immigrated Muslims to just sit there and be happy with just the ‘West Bank’? Could Israel, in the future, even reinvade a “West Bank Palestinian state” with 5 million Muslims all armed with even just small arms? A ‘Palestinian West Bank state’ doesn’t solve Israel’s “demographic” threat or “separate” Israelis from the ‘West Bank’ Muslims. It only magnifies the problem by many orders of magnitude.

Minister Naftali Bennett appears connected to the 2-State demographic catastrophic threat to Israel. In response to Liberman’s Facebook post, Bennett stated, “No, Evet, this is a grave mistake, and we will not allow it. No descendant of a Palestinian refugee will cross the Jordan into the land of Israel. Whoever brings millions of descendants of Palestinian refugees to Judea and Samaria will destroy the Jewish majority that we have achieved between the sea and the Jordan River.

“They live in Lebanon? Let them become citizens there. They live in Egypt or Jordan? Let them become citizens there. Let me remind you that in the War of Independence, 650,000 Jewish refugees were expelled from Arab countries. They arrived in Israel and immediately became Israeli citizens. The problem of the descendants of the Palestinian refugees will be solved at their place of residence (Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Iraq, etc.), not between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea. There is enough land in the Arab countries (300 times more than Israel!) and there is no need to bring them here,” continued Bennett. “Bringing in millions of Palestinians to Qalqilyaon Highway 6 is a demographic and security disaster. Therefore Yvette: No refugee will cross the Jordan. Neither the 1967 borders nor the 1948 borders.”

So, there you have it, Defense Minister Liberman is unaware of this reality, and Bennett is. There are also the retired generals serving in the Knesset are who say, unrealistically, “We’re strong, we can create a Palestinian state because we can always reinvade if something goes wrong.” They give lectures and have think tanks giving the impression that they actually have a solution.

Imagine if in addition to light arms, the 5 million ‘West Bank’ Palestinians had modern anti-tank weapons like the Javelin? Or, if in addition to their basic 5-Million number, Nasrallah actually can import another 500,000 trained Muslim soldiers from all over the Muslim world? A PA State would be a Jihad-magnet for every Islamic terrorist in the world.

The bottom line is elections have consequences, and every vote is precious. Rational Israelis who don’t want to be demographically wiped out can’t bank on or vote for so-called “centrists” like Liberman or Netanyahu. They have to vote for the most right-wing person they can in hopes of staving off a 2-State annihilation of Israel.

Mark Langfan is chairman of Americans for a Safe Israel (AFSI) and specializes in security issues, has created an original educational 3d Topographic Map System of Israel to facilitate clear understanding of the dangers facing Israel and its water supply. It has been studied by U.S. lawmakers and can be seen at


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