JFS continues into the new year meeting the needs of community


September 15, 2017

Eric Geboff

As we prepare to enter our 40th year of serving those in need in Central Florida and the Jewish New Year, Jewish Family Services of Greater Orlando reflects on the lives we changed and the impact we have in our community. The delivery and relevance of our programs have allowed us to grow our services, thereby allowing us to serve more lives. However, the need is still great.

We are lead by the words in our mission To Provide Vital, High Quality and Innovative Social Service to People in Need. We strive to ensure that our mission is reflected in everything we do. Our mission gives us purpose and direction and we appreciate the opportunities that our mission provides.

Michael McKee

Whether a family needs counseling following a crisis, or a parent needs help putting food on the dinner table, Jewish Family Services of Greater Orlando provides the help necessary to meet these basic yet vital needs of our community. Our services are as diverse as those we serve. We are proud to offer counseling services, a food pantry that also offers produce products, transportation for the elderly and disabled, emergency financial assistance, a structured family stabilization program that has tremendous success and outcomes, and more.

The effort at Jewish Family Services of Greater Orlando is a great example of a community coming together because they need to. Because we need to. Because Central Florida needs us, resources we offer and the services we provide. We need these sorts of pure motives to nurture genuine communities. What we will create-with your help-will be something remarkable.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, staff and clients that we serve, our best wishes to you and your families for a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous 5778.

Michael McKee, President

Eric Geboff,

Executive Director

Jewish Family Services of Greater Orlando


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