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BDS supporters and Gaza are harmful to Israel


September 22, 2017

Dear Editor:

I just finished reading the op-ed Heritage published from Rabbi Zimmerman regarding Israelis’ decision not to let supporters of BDS into Israel (Sept. 8 issue, “Why rabbis like me oppose Israel’s ban on BDS activists”) and this is a copy of the letter that I emailed her synagogue:

Dear Rabbi Zimmerman,

I just finished reading your piece regarding Israel’s decision to not allow people who support BDS to enter the country and I would like to comment.

After reading your article I wanted to see a picture of you to confirm my impression of your age and I was correct.

With all of your concern about the well being of Gazans, you seem to have ignored the facts on the ground that the people living in Gaza elected the people who now govern them and that the people who do govern them now chose to use the building materials that do enter the country to build tunnels to terrorize Israelis instead of rebuilding their country.

How many dead Israel’s would be enough for you to appreciate the danger that Gaza presents to Israel?

I am very well read about history and keep current on events. Do you think for one moment that Israel would have passed this legislation if they did not think that the BDS movement was in some way harming them?

And if you are really familiar with BDS, I have seen them chanting, “From the Jordan to the sea, Palestine will be free.” I do not think that that leaves much room left for Israel, don’t you think?

If everyone is in an uproar about the hatred presented in Charlottesville recently, I would find it hard for you not to appreciate the alienation that Israel feels from those who use any means possible to try to undermine it.

Yes, Jews for millennia have questioned everything under the sun, but we have allowed ourselves to do the questioning and answering and not allowed others to provide us with their answers.

And yes, I question Israeli policies all of the time. But, I live here and not there because quite frankly, I am a coward and could never live under constant fear of missiles and suicide bombers.

So when making judgments about Israeli policies, maybe you should consider walking in their shoes for just a moment.

Shari Yudenfreund-Sujka, MD

Winter Park


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