Bringing Chanukah happiness to seniors


December 29, 2017

Senior residents enjoy celebrating Chanukah with the Jewish Pavilion.

Local elder home facilities and the Independent Living communities welcomed The Jewish Pavilion to come and celebrate with the residents during Chanukah. Many family members of the residents also came to share in the festivities with their loved ones.

The Jewish Pavilion's staff worked to organize and coordinate with the staff at the facilities and together were very successful in hosting numerous "Chanukah Parties" in the Greater Central Florida area!  There was plenty of food, fun and fellowship and lots of laughs!  Several parties had entertainment and many volunteers came to help as well.  Cornerstone Hospice and VITAS Hospice graciously donated to these programs.  Mazel Tov to all who were instrumental in  "Bringing Chanukah happiness" to the seniors!  

- Judy Appleton, program director at The Jewish Pavilion

Staff and volunteers help prepare plates of goodies for the residents.


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