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Are you a Jew?


December 28, 2018

Dear Editor:

At one time we Jews were about 15 million strong. The past century almost half of us were wiped out. We may be wiped out completely in the future.

Iran wants to wipe Israel off the map. Palestinians, namely Hamas, wants to wipe out Israel. Anti-Semites want to wipe out Jews. Throughout the ages, Jews have been persecuted and killed.

In 1948, the United Nations approved a country (Israel) for the Jews. If you are a Jew and have no place to go, Israel will accept you. Finally, a country for a Jew.

Why does Israel support U.S. President Trump and why do most U.S. Jews not?

Previous U.S. presidents before being elected said they would make Jerusalem the capital of Israel and once elected, they did not. U.S. President Trump kept his promise. I’m sure most Jews approved.

Israel was against the U.S.–Iran deal to postpone making a nuclear bomb. U.S. President Trump agreed with Israel and withdrew from the agreement with Iran and possibly make a new deal with no nuclear bomb and also to stop world aggression (i.e., Hamas, Hezbollah).

Finally, the U.S. has a president who supports Israel. As a Jew, what’s wrong with supporting him? The choice you have to make above all other issues is: are you or are you not a 5779-year Jew?

Maurice S. Salamy


Maurice Salamy is a 55-year member of Congregation Ohev Shalom; a WWII veteran with five medals and two Battle Stars. His father was a WWI veteran and his brother a WWII Merchant Marine.


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