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Anti-Semitic act on Halloween


November 8, 2019

The Holocaust Center was saddened to learn a student allegedly dressed in costume as Adolph Hitler for Halloween and was seen giving other students the Heil-Hitler salute at a local high school.

This incident has caused great alarm and the Holocaust Center has been fielding calls from concerned parents asking what actions can be taken.

The Holocaust Center has developed a specific program called Prejudice Reduction Education Program. Through this program, we work one-on-one with the student and their parents to provide custom education to help them understand the impacts of their actions. The meaning behind words, symbols and phrases is discussed to help the student fully understand the issues with their behavior.

Additionally, the Holocaust Center has developed a fully integrated Holocaust education program.

“We offer field trips; in-school presentations; teaching trunks created specifically for each teacher; extensive lesson plans, notes for teachers, essential questions and learning goals and scales; as well as professional development for teachers. All of these programs are offered free of charge,” said Lisa Bachman, assistant director. “We are also able to offer our two-year, multi-phase UpStanders: Stand Up To Bullying initiative to middle schools. This is the only program for which we charge a fee.”

The Center’s mission is to use the history and lessons of the Holocaust to build a just and caring community free of anti-Semitism and all forms of prejudice and bigotry. Education is key.

For more information, please contact Lisa Bachman at LBachman@Holocaustedu.org or at 407-628-0555, ext. 279.


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