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Chabad at UCF champions Mental Health Awareness Week


November 22, 2019

Recognizing the range of stresses involved in campus life today, Chabad at UCF has made significant strides in building awareness and support for those managing mental health issues.

To expand the conversation and help students access valuable resources, Chabad recently hosted Mental Health Awareness Week from Nov. 1-7, as part of a broader national campaign to combat the stigma around mental health. 

The week’s events were dedicated to Miriam Orlan and David Nefzger—close friends of Chabad’s president, Stav Gare—who lost their battles with mental health issues.

Kicking off with a ‘Mental Health Shabbat dinner’ Chabad curated a dynamic range of activities highlighting mental health awareness.

Featuring panel conversations on mental health, a BBQ with staff from CAPS who can discuss the options students have in receiving counseling at UCF. The various programs set the stage for meaningful dialog on the impact and coping processes of managing mental health on campus and beyond.

According to Gare (UCF Class of 2019), “We want there to be acceptance and support for people managing the full range of mental health matters. At Chabad we want to let everyone know that we are here for you, we want to form a special relationship with each and every one of you. To help you through the good and the bad.”

Chabad’s commitment to mental health awareness goes beyond this past week’s programming.

“We do everything we can to help show emotional support for the students and members of the broader UCF community. From building a community around the Shabbos table to our weekly Chillin & Grillin session, Chabad tries to create a safe environment where students can reflect and decompress outside of the stresses of campus life,” said Rivkie Lipskier.

Chabad helps provide the structure and support to help students overcome many mental health issues at UCF and beyond. 

According to Samantha Nickerson (UCF Class of 2019), “Friday nights changed from a dark, depressive hole to a plateau in glowing candlelight. Fridays at work I was happier; as the sun sank lower in the sky I felt the Shabbat light growing brighter. I was so excited to get to Chabad and be surrounded by friends, laughing, and learning. The more I learned about Judaism in general, the more I wanted to understand my own Judaism.”

With the support, insight and understanding of Rabbi Chaim and Rivkie Lipskier, Chabad of UCF is leading the fight in promoting mental health awareness on campus. To learn more contact Rabbi Chaim and Rivkie Lipskier @ https://www.jewishucf.com.


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