Jewish Pavilion volunteers enjoy a 'friendraising' experience


December 20, 2019

Wendy Levine

Sandy Silbert, who designed the plaques, is flanked by Jewish Pavilion volunteers Randi Cunningham (l) and Myrna Ossin, who were honored at the JP Connections luncheon.

Randi Cunningham and Myrna Ossin were honored by the Jewish Pavilion at the annual JP Connections Volunteer Appreciation event. Both women are shining examples of "enriching the lives of residents in elder-care communities" by sharing their love and compassion. The beautiful awards they received were designed by artist Sandy Silbert, another Jewish Pavilion volunteer.

Wendy Levine

Every year, JP Connection attendees have the opportunity to shop for jewelry, Judaica, fashions, cosmetics and other items at the many sponsored tables.

Making new friends and seeing old friends, sharing stories and laughter, shopping 'till you drop, these are the "friendraising" activities everyone shared at the JP Connections luncheon.

According to Nancy Ludin, CEO of the Jewish Pavilion, there is friendraising and there is fundraising. Fundraising supports the mission and programs of the Jewish Pavilion. Friendraising supports the volunteers that complete the mission.

The exceptional people who are Jewish Pavilion volunteers participate in many events at the area assisted-living and long-term care communities. They also participate in the fundraiser and friendraiser events. Join us at the next friendraiser event-the Jewish Pavilion Fashion Show on Wednesday, Feb. 26, 2020, at Dillard's Altamonte Mall. Pearl level membership donors ($500 or more) will receive exclusive gifts and a special presentation from Dillard's executives before the show. Call the Jewish Pavilion at 407-687-7902 for more information or visit for updates.


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