Reenacting the story of Chanukah for the Maitland Chamber of Commerce


December 27, 2019

Maitland Chamber of Commerce board member Kevin Stewart plays King Antiochus as Jewish Pavilion CEO tells the story of Chanukah.

The Story of Chanukah reenactment, as told by Nancy Ludin, CEO of the Jewish Pavilion, was a hit at a breakfast with the Maitland Chamber of Commerce. Ludin's unique storytelling style guided the group through the historic event with laughter and enthusiasm. Chamber members enjoyed the presentation and Nancy answered many questions about the holiday.

The Chanukah breakfast was hosted by Jewish Pavilion staff and volunteers. The food is a big part of every holiday tradition because it's made with love. Myrna Ossin made the latkes. Penny D'Agostino created a kugel, as well as tuna and egg salads. Ludin made a blintz casserole and her own applesauce. Ashley Fisak donated pancakes. Maitland Chamber members enjoyed every bite and kept going back for more.


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