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Susan Bernstein-a woman of many talents

The audience can feel Susan Bernstein's passion as she starts her presentation. She is there to share the knowledge she has gained throughout her life. A lifelong educator, Bernstein loves to tell stories. She continues the tradition of the early Jews sharing history in both the written word and the voices of all that came before her. Bernstein is the lesson she teaches, as she lives her life by the examples she shares.

Besides a strong Judaic background, Bernstein also has a strong musical background. She developed her love of music in 4th grade, continuing to a degree in music education and then to post graduate study at Hebrew University in Ethno-Musicology. She was a radio announcer for a classical music station in Dallas and wrote western classical music programs for an Israeli radio station. She is self-taught in guitar, which she plays regularly. Bernstein says sharing her music strikes a beautiful chord.

The Jewish Pavilion is lucky to have Bernstein as a program director who shares her many talents with the seniors in long-term care. Bernstein took over from Emily Newman when she retired and then expanded her reach when Judy Appleton retired. Bernstein plans programs, holiday festivities and conducts Sabbath services at assisted-living communities from Sanford to Winter Park. As she plays her guitar, each resident connects to the music that warms their hearts.

When Bernstein was asked what she would like to see in her future with the Jewish Pavilion, her answer was, "more volunteers to help the program directors give the seniors their Jewish connection. Envision yourself as a senior living in long-term care. How would you feel?"

Described as soft-spoken, rolls with the punches, easy going and compassionate, Bernstein shares all of those qualities with the seniors she serves through the Jewish Pavilion. She loves the relationship with the employees of the communities she visits because they encourage the Jewish connection.

Make Bernstein happy and volunteer to help seniors in elder-care communities. Call the Jewish Pavilion at 407-687-9363 or sign up online at http://www.jewishpavilion.org.


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