Jewish Pavilion plans 'Seders for Seniors'


March 13, 2020

Jewish Pavilion Program Directors Julie Levitt, Susan Bernstein and Hope McCormack.

Julie Levitt, Susan Bernstein and Hope McCormack, Jewish Pavilion program directors, are planning "Seders for Seniors" to celebrate Passover in elder-care communities throughout the greater Orlando area. Each program director works with the communities they visit to ensure a traditional holiday meal. Recipes are shared with the community chefs that do not have Jewish cooking experience. Can you smell the chicken soup with matzo balls? The seniors will soon.

Who will ask the four questions? Usually an 80-year-old is the youngest in attendance. Life in elder care communities is different than living at home where seniors are often surrounded by children and grandchildren on holidays. The Jewish Pavilion makes that seniors can continue to enjoy Jewish holidays where they live sure and no one is forgotten.

Do you want to help a senior enjoy Passover next month? To volunteer, call the Jewish Pavilion at 407-678-9363.


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