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BBYO introduces 'Jewish Netflix'


March 27, 2020

(WASHINGTON, DC & WORLDWIDE)—BBYO has introduced a brand-new, first-of-its-kind virtual experience for Jewish youth, akin to an interactive “Jewish Netflix” for teens to access unique online experiences and programs. As “social distancing” becomes the norm for young people around the world, BBYO is offering its global audience an opportunity to connect, learn, have fun, and be inspired in a new digital space. The recently launched BBYO On Demand will serve as a teen curated global engagement platform featuring activities, speakers, and hangouts that are limited only by the imagination of teens themselves.

An open platform free to any Jewish teen, BBYO On Demand will feature a variety of online program and experience options including art classes, video game tournaments, book clubs, chapter meetings, coffee house/open mic performances, cooking demonstrations, community service projects, prayer services, Esports match-ups, TikTok challenges, voter registration drives, and much more. BBYO partners and like-minded organizations are also invited to offer content on the platform. The list of partners for BBYO On Demand is expanding daily and includes J-Serve, Jewish United Fund, The Jewish Theological Seminary, Jewish Women’s Archive, jewishLive, JumpSpark, Lost Tribe eSports, Moving Traditions, NCSY, NFTY, Our Common Destiny, Repair the World, Springboard, TED, When We All Vote, and Zikaron BaSalon.

“When it seemed like society was shutting down all around me, BBYO was the first one to step up and help teens feel less isolated in their homes,” said BBYO member Yael Schuller from North Texas Oklahoma Region. “More than anything, teens need social connections to thrive—and BBYO On Demand provides that for us.” Joseph Rasamat from BBYO New England Region added, “Before my school was even able to set up online classes, BBYO already had programs up and running to keep me engaged. As always, BBYO is at the forefront of bringing people together and making teens feel like they’re a part of something bigger.”

Teens are invited to build, submit, and host their own episodes, mini-series, classes, tournaments, hangouts or special events on BBYO On Demand. The platform will also enable local BBYO groups to keep meeting regularly, program together, and continue to share all the power and meaning of BBO while “socially distanced” from one another. Over the coming days and weeks, BBYO On Demand will continue to evolve and expand with exciting new program offerings on a schedule that accommodates global time differences.

“We’re navigating a very different reality than we anticipated just a few weeks ago,” said Jill Hulnick, Chief Impact Officer of BBYO. “As we ride out the local and global developments impacting school schedules, extracurricular activities, and regular routines, we’re committed to our mission of helping Jewish teens and young adults around the world stay connected to one another by sharing ideas, learning together, making the world a better place, and having a fun time while doing it.”

A complete schedule and additional information about BBYO On Demand can be found at bbyo.org/ondemand.


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