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Rodney Dangerfield

Another Coronavirus poem by Your's Truly:

I'm in my house for many months,

(I'm not the type who swears or grunts.)

But Coronavirus is a trap,

My days are filled with food and nap,

I'm watching TV night and day,

(Please Dr. Phil, just go away!)

When will this end? I need to know,

I'll put on makeup so I'll glow,

And dress in sexy clothes again,

I cannot wait. Just tell me when!

(Okay, I don't wear sexy clothes,

I just wear jeans and don't wear hose,

I'm pretty though, nice lips, nice nose,

Nice legs... only the part that shows.)

OKAY! OKAY! I'm sorta old, I'll admit to 50. (AIN'T I BOLD!)...

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