Bouncing back, life is feeling normal


Natalie Sopinsky in mask

This week, life is feeling normal. There are an average of 15 new cases of coronavirus daily. The numbers are decreasing on all fronts Corona-wise and we are suffering from a massive heat wave. It's always something!

Stores opened up and we went to Beer Sheva. Boy, what an adventure! The outdoor shopping center was quite full. People were lined up on the sidewalks, waiting in groups due to the limited number of customers permitted inside stores at one time. These are the new rules. Security guards took our temperature at each store entrance, and reminded us to keep our masks on. There was hand sanitizer at some store entrances. It wasn't too strange. People seemed to be in good spirits. It was a positive experience.

Israel is amazing.  

We go here from one hardship to another. Mourn and recover. Then trudge on ahead, standing tall. That's Israel. Last week, a horrible tragedy occurred... during a military operation in the Shomron, a terrorist dropped a rock on one of our soldiers, and killed him. The soldier was 21 and his father's only child. The whole nation mourned. And just like that, we are back in the thick of it.

The corona crisis made us feel like a regular nation. We faced a common enemy with the rest of the world. And with Israeli discipline and energy, we beat it.

But quickly we are once again facing our own unique problems, our own unique enemy.

As we slowly get back to work and our children return to school, our rescuers are once again being called regularly for the "peacetime" problems; car accidents, heart failure, and terror attacks. No rest for the weary.

Since 2001, Rescuers Without Borders (aka Hatzalah Y"osh) has been the primary supporter of volunteer medics, paramedics and ambulance drivers throughout Judea and Samaria, working in full coordination with Magen David Adom in supplying defibrillators, medical equipment, ambulances and training. Today the organization has over 1,000 volunteers also in the areas around Jerusalem and the Old City. Rescuers Without Borders and is funded completely by private donations and is a registered 501 c 3 charitable organization.

To learn more, visit us at

Thank you all for your support!

Natalie Sopinsky is the director of Development for Rescuers Without Borders.


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