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In my opinion, Mr. Trump needs to go


October 9, 2020

Dear Editor:

After reading the article by Sandi Solomon, I am amazed about how much tripe was written by her about our current President. (Heritage Florida Jewish News, Sept. 25, 2020). I find President Trump to be vile, vicious, dishonest, degrading, corrupt, and despicable and should not be allowed four more years in the White House.

Mr. Trump degrades women as proven prior to his election four years ago by evidence of a lewd video conversation in 2005. He has had to defend himself on numerous occasions from several women over alleged sexual escapades. He has denied making his tax records public. He viscousness is demonstrated by his contempt over anyone who disagrees with him. He has the record-setting turnover rate of any previous POTUS administration in the history of the U.S. (Wikipedia). He has the worst foreign policy than any other President as demonstrated by the tariff war with China and other countries, not to mention some of our closest European allies.

The current POTUS has turned our economy in one disaster after another, not to mention the high rate of unemployment compared to January 2020. His tax cuts and additional spending significantly increased our federal deficit. His strict immigration policies are a disaster, deporting thousands of immigrants and refugees back to their native countries and leaving their children behind in the U.S. Reminds me of Germany prior to WWII. Taking funds from our already strapped thin military to build a wall along the Mexican/US border is a failure. Now the people out of Mexico are tunneling under the wall.

POTUS has no regards for the military, their leaders, and the sacrifices they have made over the years. Oh, did I mention his disastrous policy over the management of the Coronavirus pandemic. I don’t need to remind Sandi Solomon that over 200,000 U.S. citizens have died due to Mr. Trump’s failed coronavirus policy due tolack of insight, ill preparedness and most of all, denying that such a pandemic existed and a threat to our country. The U.S. leads the world in positive coronavirus cases.

Mr. Trump has instigated violence by capitalizing on the peaceful protests over excessive force and brutality. Again, reminds me of Hitler and his Brownshirt hooligans during pre-War Germany. Yes, you can listen and read about the great wonders that Mr. Trump has done through Fox news and other news sources, but you can also seek the truth through knowledge from the local news media, national publications, and other news media, and most of all, listen to what the scientists and other individuals are saying (social distancing, wearing masks, hand washing, safety of vaccinations, global warming). In short, Mr. Trump needs to go and should be denied four more years of presidency.

Harold Plessner

Altamonte Springs, Fla.


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