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A new course for women on Joy

Monthly events for the new Jewish year 5781 are being offered for women with zoom and in-person options.

"Jewish women don't usually need an excuse to get together," says Chanshy Majesky co-director of Chabad of North Orlando, "but, if they did, the feminine theme of the new Jewish month offers a perfect opportunity"

This year the events, which begin Nov. 19, will include educational lessons as well as art activities.

Some arts in the lineup for this year will be drip painting, truffle chocolate making, jewelry creations and challah babka baking.

The class element includes lessons that are interactive with text book readings and opportunities to share ideas with each other.

The classes are led by Chanshy Majesky and follow the highly acclaimed Rosh Chodesh Society curriculum, created by JLI.

The lesson theme for the 2020-2021 season is "Code to Joy," which delves into some of the underlying ideas and beliefs that sustain a truly joyful life.

"The course Code to Joy is being presented at a perfect time when so many are struggling with staying positive amidst the chaos of covid-19", says Majesky "Happiness isn't just for when we experience good times. We need to dig deep within and discover how to find sunshine in the rain and these events will give us the tools to be able to do so."

The events are open to all women regardless of affiliation, background, or level of Jewish knowledge.

"Women are busy, often doing so much for thoers," said Majesky. "This is a unique opportunity to tap into something reflective and meaningful. Think of it as much needed self care for your soul."

While Moses was on Mount Sinai receiving the Ten Commandments, the Jewish women refused to donate their jewelry for the creation of the golden calf. G-d rewarded the start of each new month, namely Rosh Chodesh, a day to celebrate women.

Many choose to celebrate by meeting regularly on or around the beginning of the new Jewish month to learn and explore ideas related to Jewish women, personal growth and spirituality.

There are 220 Rosh Chodesh Society chapters around the globe teaching the curriculum Code to Joy by JLI this year.

"It really touches a deep chord inside of me" says Majesky "knowing that women from all over the world are being linked in this kind of soul bond all finding inspiration as they learn the very same lessons and ideas."

"Joy is known to break boundaries. Women from different backgrounds with different views will unite and bond with the mission to discover Joy."

To view events and lesson descriptions in the Longwood location visit


The first event will take place on Nov. 19, at 7:30 p.m. with Zoom and in person options.


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