Biden appoints two more anti-Semites


March 26, 2021

The Biden administration has just made two more very concerning appointments: Colin Kahl for undersecretary of defense for policy at the Pentagon, and Uzra Zeya for undersecretary of civilian security, democracy, and human rights. Both have histories of hostility to Jews and Israel.

According to Alana Goodman of The Washington Free Beacon, Zeya has worked for the anti-Israel Washington Report and its publisher the American Educational Trust. While there, she was a research assistant on a book which decried how the “Israel lobby” maliciously controls American policy-making, an old anti-Semitic conspiracy theory which the evidencedoes not back up. The same Washington Report has also published material accusing Israel of being behind 9/11.

Kahl, as Goodman has also reported, is a militant supporter of the catastrophic Iran nuclear deal, which the Biden administration, despite major setbacks, still wants to revive. Similarly, he opposes sanctions against Iran, has called opponents of the deal “hawks,” and possibly was involved in removing a statement affirming that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel from the 2012 DNC platform.


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