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20th annual CIE Israel Educator (Virtual) Workshop set for June 13-17


April 23, 2021

The Center for Israel Education and the Emory Institute for the Study of Modern Israel will be presenting their 20th annual Enrichment Workshop on Modern Israel from June 13 to 17.

Topics to be covered across 23 hours of presentations, panel discussions and breakout sessions include Jewish connection to the land of Israel, origins and development of Zionism, formation of Israel identity and politics, Israeli music and culture, Hebrew language and literature, the U.S.-Israeli relationship, Israel and the world (the Middle East, China, Latin America), the geography of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and the history and status of Arab-Israeli negotiations. Pedagogy sessions include students as critical consumers of the media and blogs, tools for blended teaching, use of digital tools, the enhanced "flipped classroom," engaged experiential learning in the classroom, and applications for the learning of STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and math).

In addition to CIE's own experts, presenters include world-class scholars/teachers, senior Israel learning educators, and active and former politicians and diplomats.

Educators from day schools, synagogue schools, supplemental educational programs, clergy and staffers from national organizations working directly with students are invited to apply for the limited places available at the workshop. Last year's workshop drew a record 87 participants from 16 states, Mexico and Guatemala.

The workshop will be held entirely online for the second consecutive year but with the incorporation of educator feedback from 2020 and earlier. Optional but preferred advance viewing of video presentations will enable deeper discussion of topics and additional clarity to developing teaching units.

Attendees will join an alumni network of more than 2,700 educators across North America who have participated in the CIE/ISMI Israel enrichment workshops. Cohorts of multiple members of an institution are encouraged to apply. Participants do not need to know Hebrew or be Jewish. The focus of pedagogy will be sixth grade and up, though teachers of younger students are encouraged to apply.

Applications are due May 15. The conference fee is $150, but the cost is only $75 for those who apply by May 1.

Visit israeled.org/workshop to learn more and apply. Contact Heather Waters at heatherwaters@israeled.org with any questions.

CIE is a nonpartisan, nonprofit, independent institution committed to using primary materials to teach students, educators and the general public broadly about modern Israel. ISMI, a non-degree-conferring unit of Emory, is dedicated to enhancing knowledge of and scholarship on Israel and the Middle East on the university campus and beyond. Both CIE and ISMI were founded and are directed by Professor Kenneth Stein.


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