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Update: There is more to the Trader Joe's incident


Federation CEO and Executive Director Keith Dvorchik reached out to the Heritage about the Trader Joe’s incident saying that “a lot more happened that wasn’t included [in the article Heritage ran].”

After learning of the anti-Israel discourtesy paid the shopper, Dvorchik reached out to Trader Joe’s CEO Dan Bane. Bane assigned the grievance to the regional manager, who failed to address the problem properly. It was then reassigned to their in-house council, who is the head of all Trader Joe’s legal issues and a top executive.

Dvorchik contacted Florida Representatives Randy Fine (R) and Michael Gottlieb (D). The three of them spoke to Trader Joe’s in-house council who admitted what happened was wrong and was against their policy. Dvorchik was told that Trader Joe’s was taking “corrective action” in the store, but, just as Idit Lotringer told Heritage, they were not at liberty to give details, only that the employee was no longer at that location.

“[Trader Joe’s] took it very seriously once we escalated it with the bi-partisan help in Florida’s House of Representatives and the Federation involvement. I don’t think it would have had the outcome it did without the Federation’s involvement and being able to get bi-partisan support from Florida Legislators,” Dvorchik stated.


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