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Jews are there for others, but why don't Jews fight for Jews?

Dear Editor:

As a Yankee from Pennsylvania moving to Ormond Beach, Fla., perhaps I did not experience the same culture shock as did Heritage columnist Jim Shipley’s move to Louisiana.

Wherever I lived, with the exception of Israel for 12 years, I was always a minority and have witnessed anti-Jew incidents even decades before when I lived in NYC. They still haven’t changed and have gotten much worse today.

Shipley states in his column (Shipley Speaks, June 25, 2021) that the Jewish community has fought all this type of racism or exclusion and he’s right.

Historically Jews have fought for everyone but the Jews. They try to be invisible and do things behind the scenes. They never confront their haters, but they’ll put their lives on the line marching in the South for them and going in harm’s way as Freedom Riders into Mississippi in 1965.

Imagine hundreds of thousands of Jews marching together to confront the neo-Nazis, the White Supremacists and now the anti-Jew Arab, pro-Palestinian protesters, BLM, Al Sharpton, Louis Farrakan, the New Black Panthers and all the anti-Jews in Congress (especially the Squad), and its Muslim neighbors beating Jews and trying to run them down in LA and NYC just this month.

In fact, I wonder if Shipley is aware that this country actually elected a Black president, Barak Obama, not once, but twice for eight years.

Jews voted about 97-98 percent for Obama for both terms.

Obama was pro-Arab, anti-Jew and anti-Israel and in the eight years did nothing to make the Blacks more like the Jews or improve their plight. 

Jews founded the NAACP in 1909 after being incensed at the lynching’s of Blacks in the South and led that organization till 1971 or ‘73 when the Blacks threw them out.

A Jew named Greenwald built schools for Black children in the south in the 1920s to help them.

Jews financed and marched with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and yes, they were there on that bridge in Selma that day when the State Troopers beat up the marchers and rabbis who were in the forefront.

To the everlasting shame of the Black community, movie director Spike Lee’s “Selma” movie never mentioned the Jewish participation of that historical march and the Jewish community “leaders” never protested.  

I wonder if Shipley ever heard of Leo Frank who was falsely accused of rape and murder of a young female factory worker in the Georgia plant where he was the factory manager. The Black factory janitor was the actual rapist and murderer and he accused Frank of the crime.

In 1915 a group of whites broke Leo Frank out of the jail and beat him, mutilated him and lynched him.

What was the Jewish response? 3,000 Jews fled the South.

They just chalked it up to “Shh, don’t make waves”; a philosophy which wound up killing 7 million Jews in the Holocaust when the Jews in Germany could have silenced Hitler and his Nazis in the 1920s and that philosophy is alive and well today and tomorrow.

Jews died for Blacks. No Blacks or white gentiles have ever died for Jews.  I often think of the two Jewish Freedom Riders murdered by the Klan in Mississippi in 1965 and wonder if they would have gone into “the Deep South,” as Shipley refers to the South, if they had known how anti-Jew the Blacks in America would become and their contributions buried as they were buried in the ground.

The “I’m not much of a Jew” Bernie Sanders rails at “mass incarceration” of the Blacks as a plot. Critics of whites blame everyone but the Blacks for their situation including the 73 percent illegitimacy rate, the 39 percent prison population, their beating up fellow Black students “for wanting to be like whitey.”

Jews accept the fact that there will probably never be a Jewish president and most Jews have no foundation of their great 4,000-year-old heritage. There is more to Judaism than the Holocaust.

Shipley writes about the Republican presidents but neglects to mention the Democratic ones who caused a lot of our current problems including FDR, who was a Jew hater and he closed the gates on more immigration from Germany and Europe. His whole State Department was filled with the children of missionaries who hated Jews. Then there was LBJ, who did give us Medicare but also gave us the Great Society which destroyed the “Negro” family and following the Marxist doctrine kept them in poverty till today despite their modest gains.

I couldn’t imagine a worse U.S. President than Jimmy Carter or a Barak Obama and now we see a cognitively impaired Joe Biden forever confused, as the leader of the Free World.

Joe Biden has taken the knee to the BLM and other extreme causes which will impact American Jewry in the worst ways starting with Iran’s race to the nuclear bomb, Israel’s safety and the future of America.

Shipley lives in Louisiana and one of my favorite senators, Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) lives there.

Shipley referenced another one of my favorites, Will Rogers, but Senator Kennedy summed up how I feel about Shipley’s column by saying that he doesn’t have the IQ of a root vegetable.

Wm. J. Levy

Ormond Beach, Fla.


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