By Talli Dippold

The Holocaust Center's role in addressing antisemitism


Two weeks ago, the White House released a national strategy to fight antisemitism. In December, President Biden established a government task force to create a national strategy to counter antisemitism and other forms of religious bigotry. Among the initiative, monitoring technology platforms was mentioned, with over 10 separate calls for tech companies to establish a zero-tolerance policy for hate. This part of the strategy will help shield our students from the onslaught of online antisemitism. President Biden said, “It sends a clear and forceful message: In America, evil will not win. Hate will not prevail. The venom of antisemitism will not be the story of our time.”

 At the beginning of May, HMREC launched its initiative: Combatting Antisemitism - Crucial Conversations for a Unified Florida. The initiative was extremely well received, with over 560 community members signing the pledge against antisemitism. Combatting antisemitism will take all of us working together. As our distinguished speaker, Holly Huffnagle, U.S. Director for Combating Antisemitism with The American Jewish Committee urged: “ninety-one percent of the U.S. general public said that antisemitism is a problem for society .... rising antisemitism is showing that we are not trusting the fabric of our society, our democracy is at stake, liberal values are at stake … weakening our pluralistic society …”

HMREC will continue to invite expert guests to answer questions that arose during the first—but not last—community conversation on antisemitism. The upcoming summer series uses sports as a starting point for conversations, especially among families, about the connection between sports and combating antisemitism and discrimination. HMREC is opening its FC Bayern Exhibit on June 22, and the film screening of the documentary film “Liga Terezin” will take place at the Center in August, and at other local venues around Central Florida—stay tuned for more information. HMREC will continue to add resources to its website throughout the next few weeks to provide additional historic al context and guidance. Sign the pledge. Spread the word. Help us make hate history.


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