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Cousin describes hostage's condition after 'miraculous' rescue

(JNS) - "It's a miracle," Liat Ariel told JNS on Monday.

Ariel's cousin Shlomi Ziv, along with Noa Argamani, Almog Meir and Andrey Kozlov, was rescued by Israeli forces in a daring daylight raid on Saturday after spending 246 days in Hamas captivity in Gaza.

"We are still digesting the news. We don't really quite understand what happened to us. Suddenly, Shlomi is back," Ariel said.

"We are so happy and a bit nervous. We want to make sure that he is fine. He looks alright physically but mentally we don't know yet. We have to wait a few more days," she added.

Ziv, 40, was a member of the securi...


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