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 By Ben Cohen    News    May 26, 2017

Trump Administration's disavows claim that Western Wall is 'part of the West Bank'

The Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations has welcomed a clarification from President Donald Trump's Administration that it does not regard the Western Wall in Jerusalem as... Full story

 By Ben Cohen    Opinions    May 26, 2017

Trump crisis shouldn't mask new opportunities for Middle East peace

By any standards, it was an extraordinary week for U.S.-Israel relations—and that was before President Donald Trump even arrived in Israel for his official visit. It began with what sounded like a brawl between American and Israeli officials... Full story

 By Ben Cohen    News    May 19, 2017

Israeli soldiers tell activist he is lying in hard-hitting video

An Israeli veterans organization has released a hard-hitting new video attacking Breaking the Silence—an Israeli NGO that publishes what it says are the anonymous testimonies of Israeli soldiers who participated in abuses against... Full story

 By Ben Cohen    News    May 5, 2017

Leading U.S. Jewish groups laud Trump's Holocaust speech

Leading American Jewish groups were quick to praise President Donald Trump’s forthright condemnation of anti-Semitism during a Holocaust commemoration speech. Speaking on behalf of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations... Full story

 By Ben Cohen    Opinions    April 28, 2017

The American pastor at Erdogan's mercy

As Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan assumed near-dictatorial powers following his dubious victory in a constitutional referendum April 16, Andrew Brunson, a Christian pastor from North Carolina, was marking his sixth month of incarceration... Full story

 By Ben Cohen    Opinions    April 21, 2017

Ken Livingstone: enabler of evil

I’ve written many times about the anti-Semitism that continues to plague the British Labour Party—once a noble party of both opposition and government that has now, under its current far-left leader Jeremy Corbyn, become a laughably ineffective... Full story

 By Ben Cohen    Opinions    April 14, 2017

Approach Marine Le Pen with caution

There was an illuminating report from Paris in The Wall Street Journal this week that related how Marine Le Pen, leader of the far-right National Front, has been consulting a group of French bankers and captains of industry in a bid to continue the m... Full story

 By Ben Cohen    Opinions    April 7, 2017

Islamist terror includes Hamas

As reports of the savage terrorist attack in central London March 22 emerged, it was clear pretty quickly that British authorities were dealing with an incident straight from the Islamist terror manual. The weapons of choice in London were ordinary... Full story

 By Ben Cohen    Opinions    March 24, 2017

North Korea, king of the rogues

The prospect of all-out conflict between the U.S. and the North Korean regime has loomed large over the last fortnight, as a consequence of the latest round of provocations from Pyongyang.  It’s always a competition between the world’s rogue... Full story

 By Ben Cohen    Opinions    March 10, 2017

A UN task for President Trump

For those of us who spent much of 2016, based upon then-candidate Donald Trump’s own bombastic declarations, worrying about the thrust of the foreign policy of a future Trump administration, President Trump’s address to Congress Feb. 28 provided... Full story


At last, a real threat

I will admit that this sounds perverse, but Iran’s recent ballistic missile test was welcome in one important sense. Let me explain. Just more than a fortnight into President Donald Trump’s administration, America and the world have been... Full story


The promise of Ahmed Hussen

He came to Canada as a 16-year-old refugee from Somalia. He’s highly regarded across the Canadian political spectrum. He was just appointed as immigration minister in the cabinet of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Now 40 years old, Ahmed Hussen has... Full story

 By Ben Cohen    Opinions    January 27, 2017

Why the Palestinian question won't disappear

It’s been clear for a long time that there is little difference between the character of terrorist attacks in Israel and those in the West more broadly. Trucks ram into crowds—as they did in Nice, Berlin and Jerusalem. Terrorists blow up or shoot... Full story

 By Ben Cohen    Opinions    January 20, 2017

The tide slowly turns against Iranian terror

A glimmer of hope in the fight against Iranian-backed terrorism shone forth from Argentina during the final days of 2016. A federal appeals court ruled that former President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner will face a new investigation over allegatio... Full story

 By Ben Cohen    Opinions    January 6, 2017

'We are all Hezbollah': the mark of shame

In July 2006, Israel fought a bitter defensive war against the Lebanese Islamist organization Hezbollah. The hostilities, which saw thousands of rockets fired at Israel by Hezbollah terrorists, as well as the displacement of nearly 500,000 Israelis... Full story


Wielding the Holocaust stick

In late November, radical protesters in London attacked a Jewish communal building. As they wrestled with police at the gates, they screamed abuse about “baby killers!” and cried out, “It’s a Holocaust!” According to local media outlets,... Full story


You can't make peace with bad leaders

On one of my first assignments abroad as a rookie journalist back in the early 1990s, I found myself in the Serbian capital, Belgrade, just as the violent disintegration of Yugoslavia was getting underway in earnest.  One afternoon, sitting with a... Full story

 By Ben Cohen    Opinions    December 2, 2016

The illiberal world of Stephen Bannon

In considering the furor around President-elect Donald Trump’s decision to appoint Stephen Bannon, the CEO of the hard-right news website Breitbart, as his chief strategist, let’s start with the perspective of those who have defended him. On one... Full story


The decisions facing Donald Trump

Donald Trump is now America’s master.  As improbable as that outcome might seem to metropolitan Americans, it is actually quite consistent with the pattern of politics during the last decade. Many of Trump’s fundamental beliefs—his aversion to... Full story


Meet the Austrian politician fawning over Iran

You probably haven’t heard of Karlheinz Kopf. He’s one of three Austrian politicians currently sharing that country’s presidency following the departure of the previous incumbent in July. Kopf just returned to Vienna from Iran, where he... Full story

 By Ben Cohen    Opinions    November 4, 2016

Aleppo brings Hezbollah back into the frame

After months of dithering, the Obama administration has finally taken some action against the Lebanese Islamist terror organization Hezbollah. The U.S. Treasury Department has applied sanctions on four Hezbollah operatives reportedly planning terror... Full story

 By Ben Cohen    Opinions    October 28, 2016

Securing a future for religious minorities in the Middle East

You have to wonder if the barbarians fighting under the flag of the Islamic State still believe that 72 virgins will be waiting for them in paradise once they become “martyrs.” I say this not because the leaders and foot soldiers of ISIS have... Full story


Europe's 'most notorious Jew-baiter,' it's a tie

Jew-baiting these days is a globally competitive field. The Middle East, Latin America and Asia could all put up credible candidates for the title of most notorious Jew-baiter. But if you ask me, it’s in Europe, the continent where modern... Full story


Iran isn't giving up on Latin America

Recently, Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif embarked on a five-nation tour of Latin America to spread the message that Tehran’s global influence is on the up. Zarif is one of those Iranian leaders eagerly embraced as a “moderate” by the... Full story


Jill Stein's big lies

The far left U.S. Green Party marked a significant milestone in the current campaign cycle when CNN broadcast a town hall debate with its presidential candidate, Jill Stein, and her running mate, Ajamu Baraka. It was a chance for the largely obscure... Full story


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