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Spelt banana bread with chocolate, dates and tahini recipe

Maybe it's the home comfort it exudes, maybe it's how easy it is to make, but for a variety of, mostly inexplicable, reasons, banana bread has become everyone's quarantine darling. There were a couple...


The ultimate stuffed cabbage hack

My mother's stuffed cabbage is one of my favorite dishes in the world. She makes it with ground beef and rice and simmers the stuffed cabbage leaves in a rich, savory tomato sauce. I could eat trays...


Shwarma chicken kebabs: Perfectly spiced, quick to make and oh-so-juicy

If you think chicken kebabs sound boring, I don't blame you. Usually they are. And dry. But not this recipe. This recipe pays homage to one of the earliest forms of cooking: roasting meat on a spit...


Spelt banana bread with chocolate, dates and tahini lends a twist to 2020's quarantine darling

Maybe it's the home comfort it exudes, maybe it's how easy it is to make, but for a variety of, mostly inexplicable, reasons, banana bread has become everyone's quarantine darling. There were a...


Green shakshuka with feta: Even better than the original?

If I'm hosting brunch, it's a pretty sure bet that I'll make shakshuka. Saucy, spicy and runny with egg, it's a universally beloved dish that, to its credit (and my eternal disappointment), never... Full story


Like babka? You'll love this recipe for chocolate kokosh cake

This recipe originally appeared on The Nosher. If babka is the hip Jewish treat du jour, then kokosh cake is its slightly homelier cousin of yesteryear. But don't let that description turn you off... Full story


Greek Salad with Fried Halloumi Cheese: An explosion of flavors and textures

Cheese lovers who haven't tried halloumi, meet your new obsession. Halloumi is a semi-hard cheese originating in Cyprus. Made from sheep's milk, the briny yet mild cheese is popular in Greece and the... Full story


Chocolate Babka Challah recipe

(The Nosher via JTA)-There's nothing more comforting than a slice of babka and a glass of milk to break a long fast on. In my family, it's pretty much all we eat. But I don't always make babka, and I... Full story


Harissa Salmon Nicoise Salad recipe

(The Nosher via JTA)-Harissa is a spicy, rich-flavored North African chili paste and it is one of my favorite condiments to use in the kitchen. It is traditionally made with roasted red pepper,... Full story


Frozen Limonana: The Israeli slushie your summer needs

(The Nosher via JTA)-Limonana is a classic Israeli drink that combines freshly squeezed lemon juice and mint leaves for a unique Israeli-style lemonade treat that's beloved throughout the country.... Full story


Everything bagel bourekas recipe

(The Nosher via JTA)-These bourekas are a mix of New York Jewish and Middle Eastern Israeli food cultures. It sounds a little crazy, but it's incredibly good: The flavorful seasoning blend, slightly... Full story


Strawberry and Cream Rugelach recipe

(The Nosher via JTA)-I had never been much of a rugelach baker until this recipe. While I gravitated toward challah and babka, I always found store-bought rugelach to be a bit bland and... Full story


Blood Orange, Saffron and Semolina Cake Recipe

(The Nosher via JTA)-Upside down cakes are one of my favorite types of cakes to make, mostly because they are an easy way to impress. In an upside down cake, the fruit is layered on the bottom of the... Full story


Turkish Coffee Brownies with Cinnamon Caramel

(The Nosher via JTA)-I was first introduced to Turkish coffee in Israel. Prepared in the traditional copper cezve, it was served piping hot and in beautiful, delicate cups. I quickly became enamored... Full story


Zaatar Fried Chicken with Spicy Thyme Honey Recipe

(The Nosher via JTA)-Look, I'm going to be honest with you: Deep frying is a huge pain. It's hot, it's splattery, sometimes things come out raw and it's not exactly healthy. BUT! Big, big but. It is... Full story


Chocolate, Halva and Tahini Swirl Buns

(The Nosher via JTA)-I had my first proper halva experience at The Halva Kingdom in the Machane Yehuda shuk in Jerusalem. I'd never really liked halva before that-the one or two times I had tasted it,... Full story


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